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We offer a complete range of flat roof windows to suit all projects. From innovative curved and flat glass rooflights to traditional domes.

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Brighten up your home with VELUX flat roof windows

Explore the innovative and creative range of VELUX flat roof windows suitable for new builds as well as your home renovation projects. From our newest generation of curved and flat glass rooflights and our advanced dome solution to our craftsman's exits and smoke ventilation solutions - we have everything you need.

Do not hesitate to contact our Design Advisors if you have any questions about which flat roof window is best suited to your needs. They can guide you and help you realise your daylight dreams.

What is a flat roof window?

A flat roof window is suitable for flat or gently sloping roofs with a pitch ranging from 0° to 15°.

VELUX offers a variety of types from the more classic domed windows that are recognizably visible on the roof to our new generation of sleek glass roof lights that have a slim profile combined with state-of-the-art design, thus adding a maximum of daylight and a more discreet look to your house or building.

VELUX flat roof windows are weatherproof and allow you to open up your rooms to the outdoors, creating an optimal indoor climate with fresh air and maximum indoor comfort.

Ou roducts are suitable for practically every type of building from private homes to larger buildings, such as schools and supermarkets and other kinds of industrial buildings.

What to consider when choosing a flat roof window

VELUX flat roof windows are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and with different functionalities. When you’re searching for a window for a flat roof, there are a few things to take into consideration:

The exterior surface

The first thing you need to consider is the exterior surface of your flat roof window. It could be a flat glass rooflight with our award-winning glass-to-edge design, slim frame and choice of either double or triple glazing for noise control and high energy efficiency.

Or it could be our curved glass rooflight with the added benefit of a uniquely curved-shaped glass top that makes it easy for rainwater to run off the surface, even on roofs with a 0° pitch.

You can also opt for the glazed dome flat roof window with an advanced design for extra insulation, available in either a clear or opaque finish. The dome is also offered in a non-glazed version for uninhabited attics in e.g., warehouses, garages, sheds, or smaller industrial buildings.

The size of the rooflight

VELUX flat roof windows come in a variety of sizes. The biggest size for flat and curved glass rooflights is 200 x 100cm and is available in 2 or 3-layer glazing. The biggest size for a dome with glazing is 150 x 150cm in 2-layer glazing.

The glazing of your windows

For insulation, energy efficiency and noise control for outside traffic and other sounds, consider the glazing of your windows. VELUX offer triple-glazed rooflights (both flat and curved) that are also available in double glazing. Choose 2-layer glazing for good performance or 3-layer glazing for the best energy efficiency and sound insulation. We also have smoke ventilation; roof exits and burglar proof solutions to maximise indoor comfort and optimal security when choosing VELUX products.

What features should your flat roof window have?

The next thing to consider when exploring our range of flat roof windows is their functionality. VELUX offer fixed roof windows with no ventilation, manually operated domes (via a telescopic rod) and electric windows – including a cable-free, solar version.

Solar-powered and electric flat roof windows

VELUX solar and electric flat roof windows are perfect for those out-of-reach places where you want to add the benefits of both daylight and natural ventilation. At the touch of a button, the vented frame provides fresh air – perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Solar-powered glass rooflights have no cables and as a bonus when you choose solar solutions for flat roofs, they’re fuelled by the sun’s natural energy, so you no longer have to worry about increased electricity costs.

Maximum comfort with VELUX App Control

Combine your flat roof windows with VELUX App Control for maximum ease of use when choosing our solar or electric solutions. Thanks to the app, you can let fresh air into your space – even when you’re away from home. Also, you’ll never have to worry about the weather when airing out as our rain sensor automatically closes any open roof windows when needed.

  • Our new generation of glass rooflights (flat and curved) are offered as double and triple glazed, fixed or vented. The vented glass rooflights are available in two variants – electric (with cables) or solar-powered (no need for cables). 
  • Our dome with glazing is offered with a clear or opaque dome and is double glazed. Fixed, manual or electric variants are available.
  • Our dome is offered with 2 or 3-layer dome-skin (no glazing). Fixed or electric variants are available.

Complete your windows with VELUX blinds for flat roof windows

Your VELUX roof windows deserve original blinds for a perfect fit, beautiful design and long-lasting performance. Discover our varied selection of minimalistic, beautifully designed and easily operated awnings or blinds for flat roof windows.

Need help finding your flat roof window solution?

VELUX has a solution for every project, whether you're building a new home, extending outwards, or modernising your home.

Contact our Daylight Design Advisors to learn more about how domes or flat glass rooflights can benefit your indoor environment. Our professionals are always ready to guide you to the best solutions and match your needs.