Sun tunnels

Bring daylight into every room in your home.

Every room in your house deserve to be filled with natural light, even those at the centre of your home. The installation of the VELUX sun tunnel is one of the fastest and most inexpensive ways to transform your space with natural light. 

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What is a sun tunnel?

A sun tunnel lets you bring daylight into rooms where you normally don't have windows. The product penetrates from roof to ceiling, channeling natural light from the outside into windowless rooms. Rooms with limited possibility for a traditional roof window, and rooms, you can otherwise only light up with artificial lighting.

If you have a bathroom with no windows, a dark corridor or dull wardrobe space, you can benefit from a sun tunnel. They are available for both flat roofs pitched from 0 - 15° or for sloped roofs with a pitch between 15 and 60°.

A sun tunnel is a cost-effective way to bring daylight into dark rooms. It is also called a light tube, and it is very easy and quick to install. In most cases it will take a few hours to get everything in place.


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