Everything about upgrading your VELUX roof window

Blinds, shutters, VELUX ACTIVE & more. While we enjoy the sun, sometimes we need to control how light and heat enter our homes. Having roof windows means you can better control the amount of natural daylight & fresh air that enters your property. Still, you can also use blinds and VELUX ACTIVE to fully control when and where daylight is needed.

Why add blinds and shutters to your roof windows?

So, you have added plenty of VELUX roof windows to your home and transformed your space with daylight. But what if you need to go from a sunroom to a cinema room? What if you require some privacy? VELUX offers a full range of blinds to choose from; blackout blinds, light dimming blinds, anti-heat blinds and much more. All of which will help you control the daylight coming in and ensure privacy in your home.

The heat from the sun entering your home through the roof windows can create a warm and stuffy indoor climate. The best way to keep heat out is by installing an external heat protection blind or shutter to your roof window to prevent that heat from entering your home. VELUX external blinds and shutters come in various solutions to help keep your home cool throughout the year.

Have you considered improving your indoor comfort even further with smart home technology? VELUX ACTIVE with Netatmo smart sensor technology helps keep your home healthy. Using a plug-and-play system, VELUX ACTIVE will open and close your roof windows, blinds and shutters. All to improve indoor living conditions, like CO2 levels, humidity and temperature.

Blackout for sleep and more

After a nice day with plenty of daylight keeping our circadian rhythm in harmony, we need a night of rest. Our internal blackout blinds or external blackout shutters will create the required darkness for a good night's sleep, midday nap, or movie night.
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Keep out the heat

Sometimes the light and warmth from the sun can be a bit too much. The best way of not letting the sun's rays heat up your home through your roof windows is to block the heat before it hits the window. Therefore we have a range of external anti-heat products to keep your home cool, whether you want to allow light through or not.
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Make it smart - and gain control

We are all getting used to the convenience of controlling everything with our smartphones. Most of our roof windows, blinds and shutters come in solar or electrical variants, which can be connected to VELUX App Control. This enables you to open and close blinds or windows via your smartphone. Alternatively, you can fully automate your indoor climate via sensor-based regulation through VELUX ACTIVE.

Control the light during the day

Whether you're working at the home office, enjoying family time in the living room, or spending time on hobbies, you may prefer to dim the sun's powerful light or stop reflections on your computer screen or TV without fully blocking out the light. Our range of translucent blinds allows you to keep focusing while enjoying the natural light coming in through your roof windows.
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Associated products

3in1 roof window
Bring more light into your bedroom with the VELUX 3in1 roof window. The unique design of the 3in1 roof window allows daylight to flood into your home and opens up panoramic views.
Anti-heat blinds
Anti-heat blinds reduce overheating and maintain a cool, comfortable temperature in your room without affecting the view to the outside and letting in light.
VELUX ACTIVE is a smart home solution that monitors temperature, humidity and CO2 levels, and ventilates the room to keep your indoor climate nice and healthy.
Roller shutters
The VELUX anti-heat blackout shutter protects your room all year round. It's suitable for all climates, keeping your room cool in the summer and warm in the winter whilst blocking out any incoming light.

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