Frequently asked questions about finding an installer

Is there a VELUX guarantee for the installation work carried out by VELUX experts?

No, the installers are independent companies. VELUX is not responsible for the quality of the work carried out by the installer. Of course there is a guarantee on VELUX products.

Please be aware that when dealing with a VELUX Certified Installer, you are dealing with an independent contractor and not with VELUX Company Limited (“VELUX”). Although VELUX takes reasonable precautions to secure the quality of the advice and work provided or carried out by a VELUX Certified Installer, all installations of VELUX products must be adapted to the circumstances of the specific project. Consequently, VELUX is not responsible for the actions, omissions or advice provided or carried out by a VELUX Certified Installer and to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, VELUX is not liable for, and will not accept liability for, any advice or work provided or carried out by the VELUX Certified Installer that you choose to independently contract with. If you have any queries regarding this statement, please contact our Customer Service Team:
Telephone: 01592 778225

I have not been contacted by any installer. What should I do?

A few days after you have sent the enquiry, you should receive an e-mail from VELUX asking you whether you have been contacted by an installer. Please answer the question so that we can possibly assign your enquiry to another installer.

Is the price of the installation work set by VELUX?

No, installers are independent companies. They are free to set their own prices for installation. There is no commercial agreement between VELUX certified installers and VELUX.

Can I use the Find an installer service if I already have VELUX products?

Yes, you can. However, the installer will usually give you professional advice on our products. We therefore recommend that you purchase VELUX products from the installer who will carry out the installation for you.

Do I have to pay for the offers?

In many cases, the quotations are free of charge. However, we always recommend discussing this point with your local installer beforehand.

Is the VELUX installer search free?

Yes, this VELUX service is free of charge.