Blinds and shutters

Your VELUX roof windows deserve original blinds and shutters for a perfect fit, beautiful design and long lasting performance. Our VELUX blind and shutter collection features options to meet every need. Explore our product categories below.

Increase your home comfort with blinds and shutters

Increase your home comfort with VELUX blinds and shutters

Variety of colours and materials

From manual to fully automated

Tailor-made for VELUX roof windows

Quick and easy installation

3 to 5-year guarantee

How to choose your ideal VELUX blinds and shutters

When you have decided on your perfect VELUX roof window, the time has come to complete your pairing with our wide range of original VELUX blinds and shutters.

The possibilities are endless including manually operated and beautifully designed roller blinds installed on the inside, to anti-heat blackout aluminium shutters mounted on the outside.

But what is the right solution for you and your home? The most important criteria when choosing your ideal blinds and shutters are your needs, the type of room, orientation of your roof windows and if your windows are within reach or out of reach.


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