Daylight solutions for commercial buildings

VELUX Commercial solutions will bring daylight and fresh air, along with smoke and heat exhaust ventilation, through any roof and into any type of commercial building.
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Glass roof system installed in office building
VELUX Commercial - Rooflights for any type of commercial, industrial and public buildings

Rooflights as part of commercial building design

We offer a broad portfolio of daylight and ventilation solutions for industrial, commercial and public buildings, and our products are suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects.

Our portfolio includes:
  • Domes
  • Flat roof windows
  • Continuous rooflights
  • Glass roof systems
  • Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation.
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Dome Rooflights and Flat Glass Rooflights

A complete range of prefabricated, ready-to-install domes and flat roof windows provide single sources of daylight and fresh air as well as smoke and heat exhaust ventilation.
Dome Rooflights
Dome Rooflights
Highly durable polycarbonate solutions in different shapes provide daylight and comfort ventilation for flat roof applications.
Monolight Modular Rooflight
Modular Rooflights
Elegant flat glass solution combined with excellent performance, choose from fixed, ventilating, circular, walk-on and linear rooflight designs.

Continuous Rooflights

Economic continuous rooflight systems provide large areas of natural, diffused light as well as comfort and certified smoke and heat exhaust ventilation options in a lightweight construction.
Vario Therm Continuous Rooflights including wind deflectors
Vario Continuous Rooflights
Lightweight, cost-effective and durable, our polycarbonate rooflight range is ideal for commercial and industrial buildings.
Bespoke polycarbonate rooflight system
Specialist Continuous Rooflights
Bespoke polycarbonate rooflights in various configurations and sizes for design flexibility, ideal for refurbishment.

Glass Roof Systems

Reliable glass systems with design flexibility enable you to produce a building with optimal daylight and fresh air as well as smoke and heat exhaust ventilation to support occupant wellbeing.
Glazing Panels - Mono pitched solution
Glazing Panels
Prefabricated panels with slim profiles for elegant appearance. Design flexibility including corner solutions, gable hip and valley.
Modular Skylights – Step solution
Modular Skylights
Complete pre-engineered modular design system with optional blinds. It is easy to specify, predictable and fast to install.
Linearlight Modular Rooflight
Modular Rooflights – Linearlight
Aesthetic modules in upstand to be combined with connector beam to create long rows of daylight. Design offers short and wide modules.
Structural Glazing System – Self supporting pyramid
Structural Glazing System
Architectural freedom with close to unlimited design flexibility for roof glazing.

Smoke and Natural Ventilation

Solutions for smoke and heat exhaust ventilation, comfort ventilation and daylight and heat control ensure safety and occupant wellbeing.
Modular skylights - Smoke Venting Modules
Smoke Ventilation
Reduce risk to occupants and the building in the event of fire.
Comfort Ventilation for Modular Skylights
Comfort Ventilation
Optimise air quality for a healthier indoor environment.
Rollerblinds on Modular Rooflights
Daylight and Heat Control
Manage the indoor climate to promote occupant well-being.

Case Studies

Explore our case studies for commercial buildings such as offices, schools and healthcare facilities.
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VELUX Glazing Panels dual pitched rooflight solution in corridor at Bodmin Jail Hotel
The Bodmin Jail Hotel
VELUX Glazing Panels help transform Victorian Jail into hotel
Dome Rooflights with diffused glazing - Thomas Buxton Primary School
Thomas Buxton Primary School
A rooflight replacement provides thermal insulation and supports young learners with daylight
VELUX Ridgelight solution at Tullibody South Campus School
Tullibody South Campus
Modular Skylights bring natural light and fresh air to learning at Tullibody South campus
Atrium skylights in the UK Hydrographic Office. AHR Architects
UK Hydrographic Office
Creating Vibrant Office Spaces with Skylights and Natural Daylight
Three people talking - Project support for a Rooflight solution
VELUX Modular Skylights installed in Bibliotheek Utopia

VELUX Commercial

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The VELUX Commercial team is here to help at any project stage – from initial concepts through to assessment of plans.