Flat roof windows

Dome with glazing

  • Advanced dome solution
  • Good energy efficiency


Work with the right professionals

Are you thinking of replacing a roof window? Renovating your kitchen? Converting your loft into a home office? Or building a new house?

Complete your window with blinds

Anti-heat blinds for flat roof windows

This anti-heat blind for flat roof windows provides heat protection and dims lights.

Blackout energy pleated blinds for flat roof windows

The VELUX blackout energy pleated blind for VELUX flat roof windows darkens the room and protects against cold. The double pleated blind is light dimming. The aluminium coating between the cloth layers improves insulation and increases indoor comfort.

Translucent pleated blinds for flat roof windows

The VELUX translucent pleated blind for flat roof windows comes in a decorative fold design that gives you soft daylight control. The electric pleated blinds connect seamlessly with your electric flat-roof windows.

Sustainability is the way we do business


The VELUX Sustainability Strategy 2030 is a 10-year transformational journey in which we pioneer climate and nature action, innovate sustainable products and secure a responsible business. Why? Because the world needs it and it is who we are. It’s simply the right thing to do and it’s our nature!