Benefits of living under a flat roof

Family enjoys cooking in a kitchen with green tiles under the natural light from a VELUX roof window.
Flat roof homes have many benefits, from their modern geometric style to their easy maintenance and lower labour costs. A huge pro is that you can utilise every square metre however you see fit. Flat roof homes stem from the functionalist movement from the 1920s but have recently returned to the home architecture landscape. Did you know that flat roof windows let in three times more light than vertical windows? 
Key takeaways
  • If you have a flat roof, it’s still possible to incorporate more daylight into your home with a rooflight.
  • Benefits of flat roof windows include increased daylight and ventilation.
  • There are multiple types of openings – both manual and electric - and finishes for flat roof windows. Finishes bring a beautiful aesthetic to the windows and include flat glass and curved glass.

Incorporate daylight naturally

Do you live in a house with a flat roof? It is often believed that roof windows are suitable only for attics and pitched roofs. That is incorrect! 

There are many solutions designed specifically for flat roofs. Consider flat roof windows for your home and bring light in everywhere.

Utilise your flat roof effectively with rooflights

With flat roof windows, the light comes directly from above and, therefore, is not influenced by the sun's position in the sky, the house's orientation, or by trees and other buildings. The light is directly above you.

Get 3 times more daylight with roof windows

Roof windows for flat roofs can provide up to 3 times more daylight than vertical windows. The increase in natural daylight will also offer a larger variety of light levels, which visually will make your space more inviting.

Bring light to the right places

Illuminate an extension or create a new living room with the presence of daylight. Bring light into the areas you need it the most and transform dark spaces into your new favourite areas.

Enjoy daylight even longer

Tired of the dark? With roof windows, you get the maximum light every day. We can't change the sun's orbit, but we can provide you with roof windows that will give you access to light for a bit longer than vertical windows would.

Reap the benefits of the stack effect

The stack effect is where a mass of warm air rises upwards, leaving colder air at the ground level. If facilitated correctly, the result is less hot, thick air and less humidity. With the right opening in your house, you could reap the benefits of the stack effect. Thanks to their position, the windows on the roof set the air in motion by activating the Law of Archimedes. Very simply put: it’s natural ventilation.

Find the right VELUX flat roof windows for your home

Discover our solutions for everything you need. Our flat roof portfolio is broad and has something for every house.

Type of opening

  • Electric operations: Choose electrically opening rooflights for those out-of-reach places. The vented frame provides fresh air at the touch of a button. It comes with a pre-installed rain sensor and is compatible with VELUX App Control.
  • Fixed: Choose a fixed base unit and cover for places where ventilation isn't required without compromising daylight. 

External finish for maximum aesthetic appeal

  • Curved glass roof light: This solution is a unique roof window design which provides a beautiful glass-to-edge view from the inside. The curved glass allows rain to drain off the surface – even when installed on a zero-degree roof. It’s a revolution in roof window design!
  • Flat glass: A flat glass rooflight will give you maximum daylight. The subtle slim frame and invisible sash provides a beautiful design from inside and outside the home. This solution has excellent energy performance and sound reduction. 
Did you know that flat roof windows let in three times more light than vertical windows? 


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