We spoke with London-based couple Sebastian and Miriam, who have just updated their kitchen extension. The space is now better connected with the outdoors and capitalises on the amount of space – a rare thing in London! And all this by simply replacing their roof windows!

The position and functionality of the existing roof windows in the kitchen didn’t fit the family’s needs. The room became hot during the summer months and, because of nearby foxes, they couldn’t safely leave their facade windows open without worrying about inviting unwanted visitors into the home.

’We moved here in the middle of winter’, Miriam explained, ‘So we didn’t understand how hot it became inside over the summer months. What we needed was ventilation to cool it down over the summer. We chose to replace the rooflights, as the ones that we had were static and didn’t open to allow ventilation.These are amazing for that.’

Ventilation is important in the open-plan kitchen / living room, where this couple are passionate cooks. Humid air and cooking odours are a thing of the past when the windows can be open to let in fresh air. Because the kitchen, dining area, and living room are all connected, this circulation of air is essential, and great way to improve indoor air quality.

Keeping the indoor climate comfortable is even more important when the family are entertaining, using the space to cook whilst chatting to family and friends.

Sebastian notes that the replacement roof windows truly met their needs: “ VELUX offered bespoke windows that could open, and when you’re away, if it rains, they close.” This is thanks to the smart home solution incuding a rain sensor. For opening and closing the rooflight, it’s as easy as the touch of a button.

An incomparable difference

The impact that the new rooflights have had on the family has been remarkable and really had a positive impact, as Miriam explains. ‘The contrast between a fixed roof window and one that opens is incomparable really - cooking smells are out very quickly, you can cool the room down and it never gets too hot in here, it’s not just a bit of glass in the roof, it’s a bit of tech that you can use and integrate into your life.The two roof windows have really impacted the room with the amount of fresh air we get in there.’

Sebastian adds, ‘I get up for work very early, about 6am. Before having these windows, the room was just hot and you could feel the lack of air, now when I come down, the window has been opened and it makes a difference.”

‘It’s made the whole house cool. We now have a movement of air throughout the house that we didn’t have before. I think it’s a really lovely way to be connected to the outside - you see the seasons change, you can watch the roof splatter with raindrops - my daughter loves watching that when it happens - and the bifold doors plus rooflights really make this an integrated room with the garden. You have a bit of the outdoors inside here.’

‘I get up for work very early, about 6am. Before having these windows, the room was just hot, and you could feel the lack of air. Now when I come down, the window has been opened, and it makes a difference’.

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