10 reasons to bring more daylight into your home (and how)

Daylight plays an important role in our mental and physical well-being. We spend a lot of time indoors, either at home or at our workplace. While we cannot always make significant changes to the office, we can bring solutions to our own homes to create a better indoor environment. Research has shown that sitting close to a window increases our well-being; let VELUX roof windows provide this benefit and more. Read our 10 reasons why you should let more natural daylight into your home.

Daylight from roof windows - let the light in

1. Reduce heating costs with natural daylight

Sunlight through your windows will naturally increase the room temperature. It is an easy win. Strategically placed VELUX roof windows can save money on your utility bill.

2. Turn off the lights – use the sun instead

With VELUX roof windows, you can utilise natural light to brighten up your workspace, as well as save costs on your electricity bill. No more squinting at your computer screen in a dark room. You will save money and reduce eyestrain. It’s a win-win!

Key takeaways
  • Getting enough natural light during the day helps us get a good night’s sleep as it regulates the body’s circadian rhythms.
  • Natural daylight helps a home look its very best, making spaces appear bigger and highlighting furniture, artwork and architectural features.
  • Roof windows are one of the best ways to maximise sunlight, letting in twice the amount of light than vertical windows.

3. Let in a little sunlight through the windows and brighten your space

Sunlight makes smaller spaces appear bigger and brighter. Daylight brightens up the dark spaces of your home. It reveals the true colours of your walls, your art stands out, and the details of your home decor are revealed.

4. A more attractive home

Everyone is drawn towards light, including potential buyers. There is a common misconception that new windows are expensive. What many homeowners forget is that your home will become much more attractive when roof windows are added. A study shows that people are willing to pay more for open, bright spaces. If you have an amazing view, your windows will stage it in the best way possible.

5. Look at that view!

Are you surrounded by beautiful scenery, but want to be able to enjoy the view from inside? VELUX roof windows make this possible. Aside from all the health benefits of natural light, sometimes, all we want is to enjoy a beautiful view with a cosy cup of tea.

"Daylight not only feels bright and spacious, but it also brings other benefits like boosting our mood and immune systems to helping the environment and our finances."

Benefits of sunlight - for you and your home

6. Increase focus

Natural light will increase your focus and productivity. Daylight helps to boost your energy levels as well as your mood. This is especially important if you work from home. Daylight will keep you alert throughout the day. Natural light has been proven to have several psychological benefits over artificial light bulbs.

7. Rest, relax… Zzzz

Sunlight has an enormous effect on our mental and physical well-being. One key benefit is Vitamin D, which offers many physical benefits. Our body is programmed to follow the path of the sun. Decreased exposure to natural light creates a hormonal imbalance within the body which disrupts our sleep pattern, including our ability to fall asleep. Put simply: exposure to daylight makes us sleep better.

8. Boost your mental wellbeing

Exposure to sunlight during the day causes our brain to produce serotonin - a hormone that can boost mood, relaxation, and the ability to rest. A study shows that if we get 30 minutes of sunlight a day, we can better cope with stress and anxiety.

9. Your plants will thank you

Plants thrive and blossom in sunlight. You do not need a degree in botany to know this! Daylight is great for your indoor plants and will help you create a soothing environment in your living space. Green plants also help to detoxify the air; what’s not to like?

10. Has our living room always been this big?

Multiple sources of daylight are a great way to open up your room. If your home has low ceilings, lighting will make your space look larger and more open. VELUX roof windows will help illuminate dark corners and create a more inviting space for you, your family, and your guests.

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