A Place Where the Sea Meets the Sky

Svein and Bente's Villa AT is a modern seaside Paradise Home located just outside Kristiansand, Norway. With its fluid form and brilliant white façade, this house is coastal living at its best.
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Alan Cumming smiling in bathtub

Embracing the Elements with Style and Light

Villa AT, nestled on Norway's coast, is where Svein and Bente have realised their vision of a tranquil family life. The property's fluid home design is a homage to the coastal terrain, dynamic weather, and breathtaking seaside vistas. With six VELUX roof windows gracing the living room and five VELUX flat roof windows inviting the sky into the bathroom, this Paradise Home is a sanctuary of light and fresh air.

Living room with 6 velux windows

Light from Above

Discover how the expansive VELUX roof windows flood Villa AT with natural daylight, illuminating the kitchen and living spaces.
The view from the living room out into nature

Crafting a Timeless Living Space

Explore how the architect of Villa AT designed a distinct living/dining area that transcends trends, providing a comfortable and functional experience.
Bathroom with 3 velux windows

Bathing in Light

Learn how five VELUX flat roof windows enhance Villa AT's bathroom, providing a rejuvenating experience for bathers.
Architect sitting on the stairs and talking about flat roof windows in design

Exploring Flat Roof Design

Gain insight into the effects of a flat roof design and discover how it works in harmony with the surrounding natural beauty.

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Flat glass rooflight

The beautiful design of our new generation rooflight brings the magic of daylight into bathroom. The new design with a slim frame allows for maximum daylight.

Electric products

Invite in fresh air and daylight to create a healthy home that is aired out more often, for a comfortable and energy-efficient indoor climate.

Alan Cumming smiling in bathtub
Very large green plant in glass display with daylight coming from above

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