The Canadian Cabin Dream

Canada Woodhouse is Rob and Jackie’s awe-inspiring Paradise Home. Located in the peaceful landscape of Singhampton, Ontario, and designed as haven for loved ones, this expansive cabin complex offers the best of nature and home comforts.
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Embracing the Wilds

Rob and Jackie's Canada Woodhouse has a deep connection with nature. Nestled in the rugged Canadian wilderness, this Paradise Home was built as a tribute to the land's wild spirit. With its rustic charm and thoughtful design, every element of the house - from the natural materials to the expansive views - has been built with a deep appreciation for the environment, making it not just a home but a part of the untamed landscape it resides in.

Step Into the Light

Take a tour through Canada Woodhouse and experience the full power of daylight and architecture.

The Indoor Outdoor Connection

Discover the home design philosophy behind Canada Woodhouse and learn how the architects bridged the gap between indoor and outdoor worlds.

How Daylight Shapes our Experience

Learn how VELUX roof windows were critical in enhancing the experience of daylight at Canada Woodhouse.

The Art of Building Family Spaces

Family is at the heart of Rob and Jackie's home. Explore how they use their kitchen space to bring everyone together.

Perfecting Rooflight Placement

Gain insight into how the architects' rooflight positioning strategy maximised intimacy and connection for Rob and Jackie's family.

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Multiple windows
Adding additional roof windows is the fastest way to dramatically improve the feeling of space and openness in your home.
Electric products
Invite in fresh air and daylight to create a healthy home that is aired out more often, for a comfortable and energy-efficient indoor climate.

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