A Modern Twist on Sicilian Heritage

Cave House is Mark's own personal architectural masterpiece. He transformed a historic stone building into a unique, cosy Paradise Home. With eight VELUX roof windows, it's a perfect blend of light, intimacy, and traditional Sicilian charm.
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A Contemporary Home with Historic Heart

Within the storied walls of Cave House, Mark Cannata has skillfully bridged the past with the future by combining traditional living and contemporary flexibility. This architectural gem has been designed with an eye towards growth and adaptability; Mark's visionary plan includes spaces that can evolve with the needs of his family. By integrating eight VELUX roof windows, he has illuminated the home with natural light without compromising its quintessential Sicilian charm.

Why Skylights Work & Where to Place Them

Learn about Mark's skylight placement strategy for Cave House and discover the transformative effect of daylight.

The Dual Power of Skylights

Explore how daylight and ventilation were key considerations for Mark's design, and learn how they combine to create a space that is both functional and beautiful.

How Architects Build with Light

Mark disusses the lighting principles and techniques he used to design Cave House.

Shaping Interior Lightscapes

Learn how daylight brings character and personality to the interior experience of Cave House.

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Heritage conservation roof window
VELUX Heritage Conservation roof window is designed to be in-keeping with heritage aesthetics of historical buildings. Transforming traditional spaces with maximum daylight and fresh air.
Electric products
Invite in fresh air and daylight to create a healthy home that is aired out more often, for a comfortable and energy-efficient indoor climate.

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