A Green Dream in the heart of Normandy

Le Costil is Rodolphe and Yoshimi's sustainable Paradise Home. Born out of their passion for environmental care, this tranquil space blends eco-conscious design with natural elegance to create a stunning rustic retreat.
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Alan Cumming smiling in bathtub

A Home Built with Love for the Environment

Rodolphe and Yoshimi embarked on their journey to create a luxury home with a clear, heartfelt mission: To make a positive impact on the environment. When work began on Le Costil, the couple aimed to ensure every detail – from its location in beautiful Normandy to the use of natural materials and VELUX roof windows – could deliver a peaceful living experience, minimise their carbon footprint, and sit harmoniously within the natural environment.

Roof window bringing the outdoors in with light

Bringing the Outdoors In

Learn how Le Costil was designed to create a seamless connection between living space and the lush Normandy landscape.
Man explaining how it is twice as bright with roof windows

Twice as Bright

Discover how Le Costil's architect doubled the amount of light in the space with VELUX roof windows.
Roof window being used as material for conversing warmth

The Secrets of Warmer Living Spaces

Uncover the secrets of maintaining warmth and indoor comfort with natural building materials and interior décor.
Open window showing how to use VELUX roof windows as natural ventilation

Natural Ventilation Strategies

Le Costil's architect explores how roof windows were essential for creating a space that could provide natural ventilation.

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Standard roof window

This single roof window is perfect for small rooms, staircases and bathrooms. If you have a larger room, combine multiple single roof windows to spread out the light in the room and benefit from more fresh air.

Electric products

Invite in fresh air and daylight to create a healthy home that is aired out more often, for a comfortable and energy-efficient indoor climate.

Alan Cumming smiling in bathtub
Very large green plant in glass display with daylight coming from above

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