Dutch Design Meets English Tranquility

Backwater is a serene waterside dwelling nestled in the Norfolk countryside. Designed with a nod to local heritage and Dutch architecture, Patrick and Lauren's home complements the tranquil beauty of its surroundings – a true paradise home.
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A Window to Wildlife and Wonder

After demolishing the original bungalow on the site, rising waters transformed the area into a swamp, complicating Patrick's vision. Despite these hurdles, his determination and architectural ingenuity shone through. Backwater emerged as a stunning home where expansive floor-to-roof windows provide breathtaking views of a lush green waterscape, and calm, private interiors offer sanctuary from the world.

Beyond the Blueprint: The Importance of Location

Discover why Patrick chose this unique location for Backwater – a story of vision, resilience, and a deep connection to Norfolk's natural beauty.

Inside the Process of Home Design

Patrick discusses his goal to harmonise the shapes and spaces of Backwater with the natural environment.

Why We Said Yes to Rooflights

Learn why Patrick and Lauren saw rooflights as essential elements in Backwater's design, bridging the gap between the indoors and outdoors.

The Power of a Highly Insulated Home

Insulating Backwater was a crucial decision for Patrick and Lauren. Discover how their approach enhanced sustainability and indoor comfort.

Sanctuary Spaces: Wellbeing and Mindful Living

Explore the design choices that made Backwater a luxury home, perfect for living peacefully and fully connected to nature.

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