Product Warning

Risk of electrical fault in VELUX flat roof window variant

The VELUX Group has discovered a safety issue with flat roof window – VELUX new generation mains-powered glass rooflight CVU.

Under certain circumstances, condensation in the construction can create a high humidity environment. In rare cases, metal parts of the flat roof window – such as the chain, reset button and rain sensor - can become conductive with 230 V and electric shock can occur.

How do you know if you have one of the potentially impacted flat roof windows?

The potentially impacted product is the VELUX flat roof window, VELUX new generation mains-powered glass rooflight CVU, launched in July 2021 (pictured below). All window sizes can be impacted. The solar-powered version of this flat roof window is not impacted and neither are older VELUX flat roof windows.


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What should you do if you have one or more of these flat roof windows?

It is safe to use the affected flat roof windows via the remote control but please refrain from any physical contact with the window itself. This eliminates any risk of electric shock.

Please contact VELUX (01 816 1620, We will then arrange for a service technician to inspect the flat roof window and ensure that the product is safe, of course at no cost to you.

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