Small bedroom design ideas that will make your space look bigger

Modern attic bedroom with VELUX roof windows and minimalist decor.
The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It's where we relax, unwind, and recharge for the next day. Decorating a small bedroom can be quite a challenge. You want a bright, spacious, peaceful bedroom rather than a murky dungeon. It is essential to choose carefully when it comes to bedroom decor and design. 
Key takeaways
  • Small bedrooms don’t have to feel small. With design considerations including less clutter, mirrors, roof windows, and soothing paint colours, you can create the space of your dreams.
  • Roof windows bring more natural daylight light into a small bedroom, making the space feel bigger.
  • Natural daylight from your VELUX roof windows will improve air quality and ventilation, as well as offer natural light so that artificial light-use can be limited.

Small bedroom - no problem

If you have a small bedroom there are plenty of things you can do to get the most out of your square metres. A small bedroom doesn't have to be dull; you just need to be a bit creative. Here are our 5 easy tips to make your small bedroom look bigger.

Paint the walls in natural colours

Making a relaxing space starts with painting the walls in a calming colour to create a cosy and safe space. Earth tones such as a subtle tan will instantly give the room a sense of warmth. Sky blue shades will brighten the room and give you a feeling of serenity. Who doesn't like to stare at a cloudless sky? Or try shades of soft green to make an inviting and restful space.

Use mirrors to create an illusion of more space

Mirrors trick the eye, creating the illusion of more space, which makes them ideal in smaller places. Make a mirror wall with a series of mirrors mounted side by side, using natural materials for the frames to keep it light. Mirrors can brighten your room if you place them in positions where they reflect as much light as possible. The best position is opposite a window, allowing light to bounce off the mirror.

Play with volume

A smart way to make a small space appear bigger is by adding ‘height’. This can be done by adding floor-to-ceiling curtains. Add any vertical element or shape to make your room appear more spacious, or a rug with vertical stripes that ‘stretches’ the room. Get creative with patterns and geometric shapes. 

Use space-saving multipurpose furniture  

A clever way to make the most of your small bedroom is to get rid of clutter. The problem with small spaces is that there are limited storage possibilities. There are a ton of creative possibilities when it comes to space-saving multipurpose furniture, such as a storage bed or a bedside table with built-in storage. If you love to DIY, why not create a customised shelving system?

Benefits of natural daylight in your bedroom

Adding a roof window in your small bedroom can do wonders. Your room will appear bigger, you'll have better lighting, and plenty of fresh air.

Daylight makes your bedroom look bigger 

Natural daylight has many health benefits and brightens a room. If your bedroom is fairly small, light increases the feeling of space. 

Fresh air and ventilation

With a roof window from VELUX, you'll have better ventilation and improved indoor air quality. Proper ventilation is very important to maintain a healthy indoor climate. Fresh air has many benefits: it makes us feel happier, strengthens our immune systems, and helps our brains to function better. The flow of fresh air can also help regulate the temperature. Nothing feels better than going to bed in a perfectly cooled room.

Better lighting

Artificial light is usually tinted blue or yellow, while natural light provides a clean, white light that casts fewer shadows. Natural light aids in our ability to see without added strain, as well as helping eye development in children and young adults.

Better physical and mental well-being

Exposure to sunlight is a natural and effective way to improve our sleep, productivity, and mood. Sunlight is an important source of nutrients that fuel us throughout the day.

Adding a roof window in your small bedroom can do wonders. Your room will appear bigger, you'll have better lighting, and plenty of fresh air.


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