Ideas for your loft space – how to create a 'wow' factor

Attic playroom with VELUX roof window, toys, and a beige armchair.
Have you ever seen a fantastic loft on Instagram and wondered, ‘how can I get that?’ Then this article is for you. Learn how to create your own impressive loft by brightening the room with daylight. Make your loft a beautiful and unique place to be used in new and exciting ways with these ideas.
Key takeaways
  • Consider an open floor plan and divide space into zones. This will maximise usable space and make it feel more open.
  • Incorporate plenty of daylight to bring the “wow” factor and allow a multitude of new activities from working from home, playing with your kids, or relaxing with a book.
  • Custom-made furniture can be a great investment to make the most of any tight spaces or awkward layouts.

Make your loft space pop with daylight

A loft conversion is a clever way to maximise unused space and increase the value of your home. Make the most of your renovation with these ideas to make your space pop!

Ideas that will open up your loft space

Opening your loft will make the space feel bigger. Here are some suggestions that will help you make your loft feel more spacious:

  • Consider an open floor plan and divide space into zones: An open floor plan will max out the space. Divide your loft into zones to eliminate a confined feeling.
  • Open up your space by exposing wooden beams: Show off the architectural features of your loft room by exposing wooden beams. This gives the space a beautiful and rustic touch.
  • Declutter and simplify the room space: Decluttering your loft space and simplifying it will free up more time for what really matters.

Let daylight transform your loft space

Incorporate plenty of daylight into your loft conversion to create the ultimate ‘wow’ factor! Daylight will transform your space from dark to bright. It will allow the loft to be used for a multitude of new activities like working from home, playing with your kids, or relaxing with a book.

Creating a separate area away from the busy lifestyle for Anthony and Katherine Yiannaki was important, somewhere where they can connect with nature and escape into a world of their own. So the family decide to convert their unused attic to a loft conversion with master bedroom and bathroom.

“Having the space up here is just a really nice haven for us to escape, it’s great for our wellbeing. I personally, love coming up here and reading a book with a cup of coffee.”

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Make your loft space a unique part of your home

Here are some ideas to transform your loft into a magical place:

  • The combination of daylight and opening of the loft creates a ‘wow’ effect which will be unique to your home. It's beautiful, bright, and yours! With a VELUX roof terrace, you can blur the boundaries between inside and outside.
  • Choose a paint colour you love to create a feature wall. Be careful of painting the ceiling, as this can create the illusion of a smaller space.
  • Fit with custom-made furniture to maximise the space. Loft spaces are often tricky as they are tight spaces with awkward layouts. You can make the most of your space by furnishing it with bespoke furniture.
  • Keep your authentic style. Reclaiming or reusing material for a lived-in look allows you to be creative with your interior and have a one-of-a-kind loft.
A loft conversion is a clever way to maximise unused space and increase the value of your home. Make the most of your renovation with these ideas to make your space pop!


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