Balcony and terrace

Roof terrace

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Our roof terrace windows give you access to outside terraces when they're open, and lots of daylight when they're closed. 

If you want a beautiful panoramic view or more natural ventilation, you can open the upper section of the roof terrace window. If you want to go outside simply open both the top and bottom sections to create a doorway.
  • Your door to the great outdoors
  • Create extra daylight and great floor-to-ceiling views

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Step outside

Make room for an outdoor space with a roof terrace – in places you might not think was possible.

The top section of your roof terrace window can be opened to create panoramic views and natural ventilation. When you want to go outside, simply open both sections to create a doorway.

Expand your view

If you want a greater feeling of spaciousness and an even more panoramic view, you can combine the single roof terrace with additional window combinations to suit your room.

White painted finish

The roof balcony comes in an elegant white painted finish that complements any interior. What’s more, the water-based lacquer protects the wood frame from everyday levels of dirt and moisture so it will continue to look great for many years to come.

Energy-efficient glazing for optimal comfort

To add more comfort to indoor living, the windows in the roof terrace are triple glazed. This minimises the cold and blocks outside noise. And to make cleaning easier, the pane has an easy-to-clean coating that prevents dirt sticking to it.

Add VELUX blinds to your roof terrace

Blackout energy pleated blind
VELUX blackout energy pleated blinds provide blackout for a good night’s sleep. The honeycomb construction provides improved insulation on cold nights. Ideal for bedrooms.
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Get a free and non-binding design proposal for your home

Get a free and non-binding design proposal for your home

Personalised design concept matched to your style

Expert advice on the best products

Visualisations of your new space

Seamless handover to your installer

Detailed product specifications and price quote

Quotation included

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Expert advice and product specifications

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Tips and inspiration for your roof window project

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Sustainability is the way we do business

The VELUX Sustainability Strategy 2030 is a 10-year transformational journey in which we pioneer climate and nature action, innovate sustainable products and secure a responsible business. Why? Because the world needs it and it is who we are. It’s simply the right thing to do and it’s our nature!
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