Creating a more energy efficient home

Modern corridor with wooden floors lit by natural light from VELUX roof windows.
Before you start construction or a home renovation, check the energy efficiency of your home. When you invest in energy-efficient products such as roof windows, you will save both energy and money in the long-term.
Key takeaways
  • Roof windows can make your home more energy-efficient thanks to insulation and less use of artificial light.
  • Calculate the energy efficiency of your current windows to find out if a roof window replacement will save you money and energy.
  • If you accessorise your roof windows with the right blinds or shutters, you can ensure natural daylight is your main light source throughout the year.

Go green with insulated windows

There are many ways to have a greener lifestyle. Some people cut down on meat and buy second-hand clothes. Others focus on how they can reduce their carbon footprint by using electric cars or taking fewer commercial flights. Since we spend so much time at home, we must consider making our homes greener. Take a look at the energy efficiency of your home and make conscious choices on how to improve it. Replacing old windows with new insulated ones will certainly have a beneficial impact.

Are your windows energy-efficient?

A typical house loses approximately 10% of its heat through the windows. By looking at the energy efficiency of your current windows, you can calculate the savings that would come from replacing them. With an investment in well-insulated windows, you can save money on your heating bill and get more daylight in your home. 

Save money and energy

New windows have better frames and better glass, thereby helping to save both money and energy. VELUX roof windows' materials are designed to reduce energy loss from your home.

Technological advancements that allow for better performing glazing (lower U values) prevent excessive heat from escaping the building. This means that buildings rely less on energy to heat up, thereby resulting in lower energy bills.

Moreover, replacing your old windows is necessary because the window's performance decreases with time. This is primarily because the insulating gas between glazing panes leaks over the years, making your window less and less efficient.

Replace your windows and save energy

To sum up: there are many ways to reduce your carbon footprint. If you want to make a change that will last, consider replacing your windows and saving money on your energy bill.
Thinking of replacing your window? Get started

Understand the window efficiency rating

Energy-efficient windows are also known as energy-saving windows. These windows are designed to prevent your heated or cooled air from escaping the home, thus making your windows more energy-efficient. Their increased insulation reduces your home's energy usage and, therefore, your bills! While also making your home more comfortable, as the windows can be opened to improve ventilation and circulation in your house.

Make roof windows your most relied-on light source

It is also important to note that by adding windows to your home, you are adding a low-energy light source, saving you money in artificial lighting. If you select enough roof windows and place them correctly throughout your space, you can easily eliminate the need for artificial lighting during the day and save substantial amounts on your energy bills for years to come.

Accessorising those roof windows with the correct internal and external blinds and shutters can also help you keep the room temperature more stable throughout the year, meaning you rely less on expensive cooling and heating systems. In other words, windows are a far more natural (and sustainable) method of regulating your indoor climate.


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