Windows to the Wild

"We couldn’t have dreamt of a better result. We can now sit and truly relax and really enjoy the beautiful space that we have created", Jacqui explained.

Jacqui de Silva lives here with her husband Edwin and daughter Rebecca, and it’s the de Silvas whose unexpected journey brought their dream of countryside living in Surrey to reality.

After searching for the tranquillity and beauty of rural landscapes and being unable to find something that met their vision, they set their sights on a self-build project. Originally, the land was occupied by a bungalow which has now made way for a modern dwelling that perfectly sits among the natural surroundings.

Multiple roof windows provide an ever-changing canvas

"Having enough light in the home is something that was exceptionally important to us. When we bought the plot, we realised how beautiful and special the outside is. It is something that we wanted to bring into our living space. We worked very closely to ensure that the light always came through into the living spaces throughout the day, so that we can enjoy each time of day as it passes in the house", said Jacqui.

Ensuring abundant daylight was a top priority for the de Silvas from the very beginning. When they first bought the plot of land, it became quickly evident that this breathtaking outdoor environment was something that needed to be the focal point of their living space.

Jacqui and Edwin worked closely with architects and designers to ensure that every nook and cranny of their home received optimal amounts of natural light throughout the day. For them, it was about more than just brightening up the living space though, it was about creating a connection with the passing hours and the changing moods of the day.

From the soft, warm glow of the morning sun to the magical starlit nights, they can truly say that they have brought every time of day into their home.

Work and entertain in one space

The home’s design has been conducive to productivity and creativity and has also brought about a sense of calm and tranquility. It's a testament to the power of thoughtful design and how the integration of natural elements has enhanced their living, making this space a sanctuary where the family can work, entertain, cook and play.

Rebecca explains, "We love living here because of all the fresh air and the daylight. I often come into this space to do work with my laptop. It’s good because of the light, I can open the VELUX windows, it makes it airy. It’s good for my mindset, to be able to look outside and for it to feel spacious and light. We love to entertain as a family. In the evenings, we love to cook and play board games."

Smart solutions for fresh air and ventilation

Rebecca continues, "One of the great things is that at the click of a button we can open the VELUX windows when we’re cooking to let the steam out. It’s also great to look up at the windows in later afternoon with the sunset and see the birds flying across."

This level of roof window control not only adds to their culinary convenience but also underscores the thoughtful design and functionality of their living space. It's made everyday tasks more efficient and enjoyable. Cooking in their home isn't a chore - it's a sensory delight, made even better by the simple click of a button.

DSC_4128.jpgEdwin De SilvaEdwin De Silva

"One of the great things is that at the click of a button we can open the VELUX windows when we’re cooking to let the steam out."

Witnessing the world beyond the walls

This connection to nature through the roof windows has created a serene atmosphere within the home. The natural world reminds them to pause, observe and savour the simple joys in life.

Rebecca, "We love this space and everything we have inside but the views outside is something that my parents and us as a family are drawn to. We’re very much into our nature, so talking about the birds and the ducks that we have is lovely."

Jacqui, "It has been worth the journey, without any doubt, whilst we all face challenges when we’re creating or building projects - the rewards at the end are phenomenal. The VELUX windows have been instrumental in providing us with that."

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