The natural daylight that now floods this once old and dark attic, has transformed it into a welcoming and bright open space.

Windows to the sea

In Blackrock, Dublin, close to the Dundalk Bay, Jerry and Emer Moloney live with their cat Milly and dog Addy. The Moloneys have been living in this home for 30 years and have bit by bit worked their way from the bottom to the top of the property. This has led them to the finishing touch: opening up their attic and extending the living area, which has brought a new spark of joy to the family home.

Realising the potential of the attic

Once Emer and Jerry got to the very top of the house, they felt that something was missing and that with so much unused space to play with, there was a great opportunity to do something truly transformational.

Emer explained, “We wondered what we would do with the attic, as there’s all this wasted space.”

Jerry added, “A concern we had was about how we were going to get light into the room. We saw the neighbour’s house and saw structurally what we could do.”

Emer, “And we thought, is there more opportunity here?”

A bright idea made even brighter

As light in the attic space was an issue for Jerry and Emer, they decided to add roof windows to allow natural daylight into the room. Not only did this create a much more open and accessible space to them, but it also presented them with a spectacular view.

Emer, “It’s much brighter up here and it’s airy, it’s a lovely space to come when it’s the weekend and it’s a nice bright morning. You can just open the roof windows here and you can see right across the bay and it’s just wonderful!”

Same house, different living

Emer, “This space has now allowed us to live in a different way.”

The Moloney’s home of 30 years had a hidden gem at the top of the house and now it’s put to great use. It’s a place where they retreat to for some quality relaxation.

Emer, “Jerry just loves to come here and do his jigsaw – it’s an ideal space for that. And relaxing regardless of the time of day. And the blackout blinds have been fantastic, especially if it’s during the day and it’s bright and you want to watch a movie, or Jerry likes to do some gaming.”

Jerry, “When I was working from home, I was able to use this as my office. It’s a fantastic open space, really bright, it was really useful during that period.”

Newfound love for home

The decision to renovate the attic and bring more light into the Moloney’s home has been a success. Now they have another room to do more in, and they can enjoy a home that’s filled with natural daylight.

Jerry said, “What we’ve been able to do is enhance the light that’s coming in from the roof windows by having a nice bright interior which sends a lot of light downstairs as well as into this attic space in here. And you just get so much natural light coming through.”

Emer, “This has exceeded our expectations. It has just given us so much more space here and we never thought it was going to be as good as this.”

Emer, “It’s just blown us away the amount of space and light up here!”

“It’s much brighter up here and it’s airy, it’s a lovely space to come when it’s the weekend and it’s a nice bright morning. You can just open the roof windows here and you can see right across the bay and it’s just wonderful!”

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