A total bungalow transformation with daylight

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When Reena and her family of five moved into their one-storey bungalow in 2018, they immediately knew that it would need to be bigger to accommodate their needs. It was the plot and surrounding land that attracted them, as well as the potential of the space. ‘The whole idea of this renovation was to maximise views out’, explains Reena. “And we’re northeast facing, so we wanted as many walls and ceilings [that also have the opportunity to have that natural daylight.’ For that reason, they put in numerous VELUX roof windows throughout the home. The family renovated before moving in, so seeing the full effect of their roof windows when they opened the door for the first time was overwhelming, but proved they had been spot-on in their desire for a transformation with daylight.

A bespoke rooflight in the bathroom

They chose VELUX roof windows so that they could have bespoke sizes. They wanted the skylight to cover the entire width of the shower in their en-suite bathroom, so that they could look up at the sky or stars. This is totally unique feature of their home that they enjoy daily. Their solution is a living proof that installing roof windows in the bathroom is bright idea – bringing in more light without compromising on privacy.

Bringing light to an internal room

Reena has three daughters; their room is an internal room, so doesn’t have any windows. Reena notes that, ‘to have a roof light and natural daylight was really important for that space.’ Incredibly, that room is now drenched with sunlight - an amazing feat for a previously totally dark space. That’s the power of roof windows!

The more roof windows, the better

‘People might question: why so many roof lights? It actually makes our house feel bigger’, explains Reena. Renovating their home to include natural light in the design has made their bungalow feel spacious and bright, just as they wanted.

In addition, their roof windows make their space feel much more connected with the outdoors, taking advantage of the lush tree-filled land surrounding their house. ‘Whatever the season, it’s just a nice way to wake up with natural daylight’, says Reena. She continues, ’We don’t ever underestimate how important our home being flooded with natural daylight is to us as a family and how much joy we get from that.’

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