This 1930s semi in Leeds hadn’t been updated since the 80s or 90s, but when the Cockshott family walked in, it immediately felt like home. Emma and her husband Sean were determined to bring as much life and light back into this untouched property as possible. Starting with the bedrooms and finishing with the kitchen and bathrooms - as they needed the most work - the Cockshotts’ worked tirelessly alongside a team of tradespeople to completely transform the house.

Early design decisions

Emma explains, “I decided quite early on that I wanted to inject a lot of colour into the house and as much light as possible.

“When I started designing, I took into account the light and how that makes you feel. I then looked online for ideas on colours and send off for samples.”

A decision for daylight transformed the space

Bringing a sense of nature indoors was important to the family, and the positioning of the roof window has created great views and a healthy experience. They turned two low-light spaces into one that’s open and naturally lit.

“When we renovated the bathroom, we decided to knock through into what was a toilet. We blocked up a window in there, so it was quite dark in here. We did consider putting a window in the back wall but decided to go with the VELUX, just because of the top light. As soon as we put it in, we realised it was the right decision because the light just streams in and just makes all the difference. movement of the light throughout the day really transforms the space.

“You always feel like you’re almost outside and when the skies are blue and the sun is shining, and the light is streaming in, it just really gives you a lift on a morning.”

A finish fit for the environment

With the whole family using this one bathroom, limiting condensation and having enough space for a tranquil moment was a must.

“When all the family uses the bathroom, it can be so busy and get quite humid in here. We decided to go for the PU finish which is really easy to wipe down.”

Smart homes, full control

“We also have an app, which makes it really easy to control from a mobile phone.”

“When choosing VELUX, we decided to add a rain sensor which gives us peace of mind. If it starts to rain and the window’s open, it just closes itself.”

A window to all seasons

“I feel like we’ve really achieved what we set out to do – it’s such a lovely space, in summer, spring, autumn, winter - you just get a different vibe.

“If it’s snowed and there’s snow on there, you just feel so cosy in here. When it’s raining, you can just look up and, again, feel like you’ve got a big hug.”