Choose the best daylight solution for every living space in your home

Modern kitchen with VELUX roof window, white countertops, and pink walls.
There are numerous benefits connected to having more natural daylight in your home, especially in living areas. One of the best ways of inviting more light into your space is with strategically placed roof windows. Read on find out how easy it is to design with daylight. 
Key takeaways
  • Adding roof windows can brighten and add fresh air to any room in the house, from the kitchen to the living room, to the bathroom, and more.
  • The benefits of putting a roof window into any room of the house include more natural light, better ventilation, getting rid of odours, visually bigger space, and increased productivity.
  • If your home has a flat roof, VELUX has many solutions to bring more natural light into your space.

Get rid of fumes and odours in the kitchen. 

The kitchen may be the busiest room in the house. It's where we do our cooking and baking; although it fills the room with lovely smells, it's a good idea to get rid of the fumes and odours to maintain a healthy indoor environment.

VELUX electric or solar-powered roof windows are a great option for the kitchen. With their pre-paired wall switch, you can open and close them with the touch of a button. When considering internal finish, go for moisture-resistant and maintenance free white polyurethane roof windows. Go for Venetian blinds - perfect for humid rooms. And yes, they are easy to clean.

Add a roof window in your bedroom and sleep better.

A bedroom should be dark at night, yes. But natural light helps to balance our sleep cycle (circadian rhythm) to have a better night's rest and a more productive day. The sun stimulates the body to produce melatonin and balances the day/night rhythm. The are many ways to renovate your bedroom for better sleep. By gradually letting sunlight into your bedroom, your brain will tell you, ‘it's time to wake up.’

With VELUX App Control, you can swap your alarm clock for a sunrise. Set your own personal preferences for your solar-powered or electric windows and blinds right in the app.

Strategically placed single centre-pivot roof windows can significantly change your bedroom. They are ideal for small bedrooms. A centre-pivot roof window is easy to use even with furniture beneath.

Open up your living room.

Light makes your space appear larger and will brighten up every corner of the room. Natural daylight is perfect for opening up your living room. The VELUX 3in1 roof window is designed to maximise daylight and panoramic views. Three individual sashes set in a single frame will completely change your living room into a bright, inviting space.

Brighten up the kids' room 

A kid's room should inspire growth, learning, and lots of laughter. Daylight will not only make your kids' room a bright oasis, but sunlight also improves children's mood, helps concentration while studying, and regulates the circadian rhythm. Incorporate multiple VELUX roof windows to brighten the space. VELUX electric or solar-powered roof windows include rain sensors and will automatically close when the heavens open, for a snug and safe children's environment. When paired with VELUX App Control, you can create personal schedules to ventilate the room. If you're in a moment of doubt, you can quickly check on and operate your electrical or solar-powered VELUX roof windows - even when away from home.

Working from home? Stay productive with maximum light.

A distraction-free room is a must if you work from home. If you design your home office with daylight, it can help you increase your productivity.

Top-hung roof windows are ideal for loft spaces and will flood your home office in daylight. Expand your view by adding a sloping window element that stretches down to the floor.

One of the best ways of inviting more light into your space is with strategically placed roof windows.


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