Get the most out of your home improvement project when replacing roof windows

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Replacing a roof window might seem like a tedious but necessary task to tick off in a home improvement project, which is why many people simply opt a like-for-like replacement. But that's a shame! Roof windows have the power to transform a room so that you see it in a completely different light. Don't miss out on a golden opportunity to make the most out of your home improvement project.
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Things to consider when replacing roof windows

Here are a few things to remember when replacing a roof window:

When should you replace your roof windows?

The average lifespan of a roof window ranges from 20 to 30 years with one roofing system. In some cases it may be longer. You may need to replace your roof windows earlier if:

  • If your roof windows are broken and cannot be fixed, or if they're leaking
  • If the glass is no longer clear or is damaged by water
  • If your roof windows have lost the ability to insulate

Another good time to replace your roof windows is when you re-roof. Replacing your roof windows when you're re-roofing saves money, ensure that no damage is done to the roof windows, and that the roof materials match.

Get the most out of your home improvement project with a roof window upgrade

Consider upgrading your roof windows instead of making a like-for-like replacement. Take the time to explore different options and use the opportunity to give a different look and feel to your house. Choosing larger roof windows or combining them will illuminate the interior of your home.

Don't just replace a roof window - transform your spaces with daylight

Natural light can completely change your home, and a roof window replacement is an easy way to add more daylight to your rooms without venturing into a big construction project. Here's how to transform your spaces with daylight:

Add daylight to your space

Begin by checking if you currently have enough daylight entering your home by using the VELUX daylight calculator. It's recommended that the glazed area of all windows is no less than 20% of the room's floor area to ensure rooms have adequate daylight levels.

You can expect an average 1:1 installation, including a new VELUX roof window, to cost around £980. It'll cost an additional fee if you decide to go for bigger or multiple roof windows for your installation. Since you’ll already need a professional to do the work, this is worth considering more intensive upgrades, as the extra daylight will make a beautiful and worthwhile difference in your home!

If you replace your old windows with new, equivalent roof windows, you don't need building warrants for the replacement. If you're adding a different kind of roof window, however, you should check up on the building regulations. In most cases, permission can be obtained quickly and easily.


Choose a roof window suited to your room and needs

Have you always dreamed of a panoramic view or stepping out onto a balcony? Either way, there's a roof window for you! Take your needs as a starting point when choosing roof windows.

A window replacement provides an excellent opportunity to upgrade and improve not only daylight but also features that were not available for your old windows, such as insulation, soundproofing, and remote control and intelligent home control features. Upgrade to and easily open and close at the touch of a button or use the VELUX App Control to ensure easy ventilation.

No matter what your needs are our installers can help you find the right roof window solution.


"Natural light can transform your home, and a roof window replacement is an easy way to add more daylight without a big construction project."


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