Reimagine your bedroom with a roof window from VELUX

Cozy attic reading nook with natural light from a VELUX roof window.
The bedroom is where we unwind and recharge for the day to come. A good night's sleep is vital to our general well-being. Sleep deprivation has become a more common issue among adults. There are many reasons why people have sleep problems, but one thing you can do to alleviate these problems is create a cosy and relaxing sleep area. Did you know that daylight plays a pivotal role in our sleeping rhythm? Letting natural daylight in throughout the day can help you sleep better at night.  
Key takeaways
  • Adding a roof window to your bedroom is a great idea to improve air quality, bring in natural light, and promote a better sleep routine.
  • The size and placement of your bedroom will allow you to find the right window solution, from 3in1 or 2in1 windows to centre-pivot roof windows, Dormers or roof balconies.
  • A smart home solution, such as VELUX Active with NETATMO, allows better climate and light control in your bedroom.

Why is adding a roof window to your bedroom a good idea? 

Better sleep routine

Natural light helps to rebalance the circadian rhythm (our sleep cycle) to have a better night's rest and a more productive day. The sun stimulates the body to produce melatonin and balances the day/night rhythm.

More natural light without sacrificing privacy

Roof windows in your bedroom bring the outside in. Whether it be more natural light, a starry sky, fresh air, birds singing, or the sound of kids playing, you are closer to the outside. This helps you sleep better. 

Most of us want privacy in our bedroom. Roof windows add more natural light without sacrificing privacy. It's a win-win. 

Improved indoor air quality 

Proper ventilation is important to maintain a healthy indoor environment. Fresh air comes with a wide range of benefits: it makes us feel happier, strengthens our immune systems, and helps our brains to function better. With roof windows in your bedroom, it’s possible to improve the flow of fresh air in your home by opening windows on opposite sides of the house. Fresh air is an easy way to ensure healthy indoor air quality.

Roof windows for your bedroom - find the right solution

3, 2, or 1 single centre-pivot roof windows?

Strategically placed single centre-pivot roof windows can make a big change to your bedroom. They are ideal for small bedrooms. A centre-pivot roof window is easy and convenient to use, even with furniture beneath.

Our sloping and fixed combinations will give you a stunning view and a light-filled bedroom. Add two windows side-by-side and create a gorgeous panoramic view or extend the window down to the floor to expand your view and maximise daylight.

Our 3in1 roof windows are designed to maximise daylight and panoramic views. With three individual sashes set in a single frame, these roof windows will completely change your bedroom into a bright, inviting space. They are ideal for large bedrooms. 

Dreaming of a balcony? Consider the VELUX roof balcony

The VELUX roof balcony will take your bedroom to the next level. Watch sunrises or sunsets from the comfort of your own bed or extend mornings in your bedroom with a cup of coffee on your own private balcony. It's a roof window and balcony that opens in seconds.

VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO - control your windows and indoor climate

VELUX ACTIVE is our smart automated indoor climate control solution to operate your VELUX solar-powered and electric roof windows, blinds and shutters.

VELUX ACTIVE gives you an overview of your indoor air quality and monitors the temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels to ensure that your room is ventilated regularly.  

Roof windows in your bedroom bring the outside in. Whether it be more natural light, a starry sky, fresh air, birds singing, or the sound of kids playing, you are closer to the outside.

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