Loft conversion ideas – how to transform your attic space with daylight

Children learning geography with a globe in a sunlit room with a VELUX roof window.
The best loft conversion ideas start with roof windows. Okay, maybe we’re biased, but if you think roof windows are merely functional add-ons to your loft conversion, you're missing out! Roof windows can do a lot for your home. Architects and interior designers have long been using natural light to renovate houses, and you can do it too. If you're doing a loft conversion, don't deprive yourself of the magic of daylight. Here's what you need to know.
Key takeaways
  • For a loft office, the window should be offset from the computer to ensure you can clearly see your screen.
  • If you’re creating a loft living room, combine top-hung electric windows and fixed windows to get an open view of the skyline.
  • For a loft bedroom, centre pivot VELUX windows combined with VELUX blackout energy blinds will create a warm, darkened and well-ventilated environment ready for a great night’s sleep.

Choose the right windows for each room

Converting your loft using natural light is much easier than you think. But you need to know a few things before starting. Different rooms require different window solutions, and there's a VELUX roof window for every room in your loft. Here's how you can bring light to your different rooms:

Daylight solutions for a bright loft office

When it comes to the home office, you need to think strategically. A good rule of thumb is that the window should be offset from the computer to ensure you can clearly see your screen.

A good option for the home office is the VELUX 3in1 roof window. It will maximise the light in your space; the panoramic view will offer beautiful views throughout your workday.

Add translucent pleated blinds to dim and filter the light, plus anti-heat blinds for heat protection on warm, sunny days.

Create a light-filled loft living room conversion

Open up your living room with daylight! Natural light will enhance your furniture and decor, as well as make the space seem bigger and brighter.

Get a full, open view of the skyline by combining top-hung electric windows and fixed windows. The more roof windows you add, the better! It’s a perfect solution for your living room loft conversion.

Add translucent pleated blinds for decoration, privacy, and light filter. Take control of your indoor climate by adding anti-heat blinds for heat protection on warm summer days.

Solutions for a bright and safe loft kids' room

Open up the space to more views without compromising on safety. By connecting your roof window with a fixed window on the bottom, you can open up your children’s room with a bigger view in a safe way. Add blackout roller blinds with children's patterns, anti-heat blackout shutters, and an insect screen to create the perfect foundation for a good night's sleep.

Add daylight and easy ventilation in a loft kitchen conversion

To quickly eliminate smoke and cooking odours, use either VELUX electric and solar roof windows in the kitchen. Manage them with remote control for maximum comfort.

Include venetian blinds suitable for humid environments that allow you to adjust the direction and intensity of the light. For extra comfort, add anti-heat blinds to protect from outdoor heat.

Set the scene for a great night's sleep in a loft bedroom conversion

A well-ventilated, insulated, and darkened bedroom will work wonders for your sleep. Choose two centre pivot VELUX roof windows to easily ventilate the room in the evening before going to sleep and in the morning before you wake up. Add electric or solar openings for automated, easy-to-use roof windows.

Add blackout energy blinds, anti-heat blackout shutters, and an insect screen to create the optimal sleeping environment.

Create privacy and easy ventilation in your loft bathroom conversion

Let plenty of fresh air into your bathroom with electric VELUX roof windows. Combine them with VELUX App Control for maximum ease of use. Thanks to the app, you can open the roof windows to let the humidity out - even when you are away from home. Add Venetian blinds for extra privacy and easy cleaning, plus anti-heat blinds for heat protection on warm days.
If you think roof windows are merely functional add-ons to a loft conversion, you're missing out! Architects and interior designers have long been using natural light to renovate houses, and you can do it too.


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