Reimagine your living room with these renovation ideas

Modern living room with natural light from VELUX roof window, white sofa, and wooden table.
The living room is the centre of the house. It's where we spend most of our time at home - from hanging out with family and friends to curling up on the sofa to watch our favourite TV series. Making the most of this space is essential, especially if you're renovating! Here's a list of ideas that will help you plan your living room renovation.
Key takeaways
  • Tailor the living room to your lifestyle. Think about flooring, lighting, furniture, and electronics when deciding your priorities.
  • Choose an interior design style to show your personality and to guide your choice of furniture and colours.
  • Take advantage of the “fifth wall” ceiling and consider roof windows to transform the space with daylight.

Design the living room of your dreams

If you're like most of us, you want your living room to be bright and open as well as a comfortable gathering place. But what should it look like? How do you create the optimal environment for being together? What about the renovation budget? Design you dream living room with these ideas:

What are your wants and needs?

Before you start your living room renovation, begin by making a list of your wants and needs. You can use your current living room as a starting point: what do you like about it, what do you want to change, and what can be preserved?

Your living room should be tailored to your lifestyle. When making a list of your priorities, remember to plan for flooring, lighting, furniture, and electronics - both audio and visual.

Decide on an interior design style

Interior design has the power to make spaces more compelling and will improve your space by making it better-suited for its purpose. When a space is well-designed, it doesn’t just look good; it ensures that everything in the room serves a function.

You may consider remodelling your living room around a specific interior design style. Elevate your space with an elegant minimalist style, give it a modern feel with crisp lines and a simple colour palette, or go for a more classic expression with depth, layering and dimensionality. An interior design style is a perfect way to show your personality and a great starting point to guide your choice of furniture and colours.

Think about your renovation plan... and budget

Whether renovating your living room or another room in your house, always have a plan and a budget.

If you're doing the renovation yourself, allow more time for each step and consider hiring professionals for technical work such as electrical. If you hire a contractor, don't just assume that you're on the same page; spell out every part of the plan, then keep checking in to make sure you're aligned on the assignment.

Coming up with a plan early in the process will greatly benefit your budget and your contractor.

See your living room in a whole new natural light

Nothing makes a room feel more welcoming than daylight. Bringing more natural light into your living room will maximise the space and make it look bigger. Adding roof windows to your living room renovation plan is a decision you won’t regret!

Create a new focal point with natural light

Having a focal point in your interior design will draw the eye and add aesthetic value to your living room. All you have to do is to look up! Above you, you’ll find a wall of untapped potential: your ceiling! Create a focal point by taking advantage of this often forgotten ‘fifth wall’. Install beautiful wooden beams, paint the ceiling in a statement colour, or add roof windows to create a different kind of focal point in your interior design.

Transform your space with daylight and a beautiful sky view by installing roof windows. The natural light will highlight the true colours of your walls and furniture, and animate your space as the sun changes position throughout the day.

3 reasons you'll love skylights in your living room

Natural light bolsters our health and well-being. Its restorative and transformative powers brighten our lives. Here are 3 other reasons you'll love roof windows in your living room:

  • Functionality: Roof windows are placed on your roof, allowing space to play with your interior without ever blocking natural light.
  • Lower electric bill: Daylight illuminates your room with free energy, saving you money on your electricity bill.
  • Light control: Bright or dark? You have complete light control of your VELUX roof window when paired with a VELUX blind.
“Before you start your living room renovation, make a list of your wants and needs. Use your current living room as a starting point: what do you like about it, what do you want to keep and what do you want to change?"


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