Children’s room ideas – Create the perfect space for your children

Bright attic playroom with yellow nook, VELUX roof windows, and art on walls.
Creating a fun and inspiring room for your child is an exciting process for both of you. There are many things you can do to change your child's room into a creative and functional space.  A kid's room should bolster growth and learning, and of course encourage lots of laughter. There are so many creative solutions; it can be hard to choose! We have made it easier for you with these children's room ideas. 
Key takeaways
  • Creating the ideal kids’ room includes creative elements such as paint colour, wallpaper, and art display.
  • Any space for children should include sunlight, which makes us happier, smarter, and healthier.
  • Some of the benefits of including natural light in a child’s room include better sleep and a healthy indoor climate.

5 tips to create a lively and playful space for your child

Paint the room with your child's favourite colour

Let's get off to an easy start: colours! It is likely that your child has a favourite. Paint a mural of a mountain range, clouds, animals, or a landscape. Cover the room in colour and create a cosy vibe. Choose delicate tones, so the room stays bright and open. Shades of yellow are a cheerful and invigorating choice.

Pick a fun wallpaper

Decorate with a charming and lively wallpaper. There are unlimited options to do something fun and unique. If you pick something sparkly or glittery, consider keeping it to one feature wall.

Be creative (chalk wall, peg board, tap into hobbies) 

If your kid loves to draw on the walls, why not create a chalk wall? It's the ultimate freedom for a child: drawing whatever they want with all the colours of the rainbow. Another option is a pegboard wall. This is a flexible way to let your kid decide how they want to decorate their room.

Tap into their hobbies and be creative. It's fun for everyone!

Display their artwork

Let your child be the star of their own gallery. Display their drawings on the walls and see the proud look on your child's face. Colour the frames and decorate them with seashells, pasta, or glitter!

Be creative with shelving and storage 

Get creative with shelving and storage. Build, paint, and decorate your own shelving and storage system. Bring out your DIY skills and let the kids help!

3 benefits of sunlight  

Sunlight makes us happier 

Sunlight improves mood, helps concentration while studying and regulates the circadian rhythm. 

That's why sunlight makes us happier, smarter, and healthier. Arrange a play or study area near a window, in a well-lit space. 

Better sleep 

Children do a lot of activities during the day. Quality sleep is essential to kids; they need 9 - 13 hours of sleep per night, depending on age. Exposure to natural daylight and quality sleep go hand-in-hand. High levels of daylight allow us to regulate our sleep/wake cycle and levels of alertness. Reduced light levels in the evening and a dark room promote sleep at night.

Healthy indoor climate

Proper ventilation is important to maintaining good indoor climate quality. Fresh air comes with a wide range of benefits: it makes us feel happier, strengthens our immune systems, and helps our brains to function better. With roof windows, it’s possible to improve the flow of fresh air in your home by opening windows on opposite sides of the room. Fresh air is an easy way to ensure a healthy indoor environment.

Create a healthy space full of light with VELUX roof windows 

Bring in light and protect their privacy

Installing roof windows in your child’s bedroom is a fantastic way of bringing in daylight. Not only can this save you precious wall space where traditional windows might sit, but a roof window is positioned to capture more daylight as the sun moves throughout the day, meaning your child’s room will have natural light for more hours in the day. Roof windows are also great for allowing light in without sacrificing too much privacy – as they can be positioned higher up in the wall.

Install blinds for a good night's sleep

While daylight is great throughout the day, you don’t want it disturbing your young one’s sleep too early in the morning! All VELUX roof windows can be installed with blackout roller blinds to keep the room in almost complete darkness until it’s time to wake up. VELUX blackout roller blinds are also available in electric and solar-powered operation if your roof windows are out of reach.

A kid's room should bolster growth and learning, and of course encourage lots of laughter. There are so many creative solutions; it can be hard to choose!

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