Adding roof windows to your heritage home

Having a heritage home is a joy in many ways: you live in a piece of history, after all! When you want to upgrade elements of the home, however, you can run into problems. Finding a balance between modern functionality and the look of a heritage home is challenging. That’s why VELUX has created a new Heritage conservation roof window, designed in collaboration with architects and conservation officers. This window meets all three historical segments (Historical, Conservation, and Heritage), plus new build standards. How can these windows transform your period house with light? Here are the reasons a Heritage conservation roof window might be right for your home:

Roof windows made for heritage homes

Heritage homes often need renovation to make them as liveable and energy efficient as possible. One element of the home that can have an enormous impact is roof window replacement, or adding roof windows.

Roof window replacement can be quick and easy - and likely isn’t as expensive as you think! If your glass is cracked or broken, or you feel a strong draught from your roof window, it’s time for a replacement.

Adding roof windows is also a quick procedure that adds so much value to your space. It brings in more natural light, improves ventilation and energy efficiency, and increases the resale value of your home.

If you have a period home and are looking to replace your roof windows, or add new ones, the VELUX Heritage conservation roof window ensures you get a modern window that’s designed to fit perfectly into period homes. Roof windows can transform your space with light, and heritage homes are often darker than new builds, making natural light even more essential.

Keep the period aesthetic

One of the biggest concerns with renovating or improving period homes is keeping the heritage-style aesthetic for both the interior and exterior of the home. The Heritage conservation roof window has a slim profile, flush fitting to the roof, a vertical glazing bar, and blends beautifully into the roofing material. These features mean that the roof windows blend seamlessly with the exterior, making them the ideal choice for a heritage home.

The interior of the house is considered too, with features that suit a period home. There is an original-style winding handle, providing a simple and effective opening mechanism for natural ventilation. The window can be opened up to 15 cm.

Inside and outside, Heritage Conservation Roof Windows are designed to provide the best possible look for your heritage home, one that respects the original architecture.

Key takeaways
  • Enhance natural light in your period home with roof windows, improving ventilation, energy efficiency, and resale value.
  • Preserve the period aesthetic with slim profiles, flush fittings, and vertical glazing bars.
  • Experience modern benefits like increased daylight, better ventilation, and energy savings while maintaining the charm of your heritage home.

All the modern benefits

Adding a roof window to your home, or replacing an old roof window with a new one, is all about the benefits. These include: increased natural daylight, increased ventilation, heat control, energy efficiency, and potential savings on utilities.

VELUX Heritage conservation roof windows are designed to fit with our translucent and blackout pleated blinds, so that you have perfect light control as you would with any modern window. It also has a bright white painted finish that blends with most modern interiors.

The result is a window that fits aesthetically into heritage homes, but that functions as a contemporary window with all the great benefits you’ve come to expect from VELUX. Caring for your period home has never been easier!

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