4 ways roof windows add value to your new build project

Home office with VELUX roof windows, plants, and a cozy reading nook.
If you think about what adds value to your home, what comes to mind? It may be a high-spec kitchen, smart home technology or luscious landscaping. But one of the best ways to add value is with roof windows.
Key takeaways
  • Adding daylight can help reduce energy bills, boost our health and well-being, and balance our circadian rhythms so we sleep better.
  • Roof windows help create a healthier indoor climate by allowing easily ventilation and helping with temperature regulation.
  • The daylight-boosting power of roof windows can increase property values and buyer appeal.

Roof windows are a powerful choice because they add more daylight, which transforms the look and feel of the home throughout the day. Daylight can also help reduce energy bills, boost our health and well-being, and balance our circadian rhythms so we sleep better. Daylight can also increase property value and buyer appeal - according to Blueoak Estates, 61% of homes with more daylight sell more quickly.

Whether you’re intending to live in your new home for the long haul or have your eye on selling, let’s look in detail at how to add value to your home with roof windows.

Roof windows allow more daylight and connection to nature

Did you know that roof windows provide at least twice as much light as vertical windows of the same size? They allow a lovely variation of light levels throughout the day, which helps make rooms feel bigger and shows off architectural features to their best.

Roof windows also help rooms feel more connected to the natural world outside, connecting us with changing hues of sky, views of trees and plants and shifting weather. When designing your new build home carefully placed roof windows can be a fantastic design feature and help the indoors feel connected to views outside.

Create a healthier indoor climate with natural ventilation

Roof windows are a brilliant way to maximise fresh air and boost indoor air quality inside your new build home. Good ventilation is crucial for managing condensation from humid areas of the house like the bathroom and kitchen, but also for maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature. VELUX roof windows are easily opened and closed to allow fresh air in when you need it, with solar and electric-operated options available. And when you add VELUX anti-heat blinds or shutters to a roof window you can keep rooms cooler on warm summer days too.

Less artificial lighting = lower energy bills

It’s a good idea to think about natural light in the early stages of a new build project. Carefully placed roof windows can allow the house to be lit for many hours a day without artificial lighting, which can dramatically reduce the cost of energy bills. That’s good for your budget and the planet!

Roof windows can increase property value and help your home sell faster

Roof windows bring the “wow” factor to a home and make it stand out from others on the market, thanks to their architectural interest and daylight-boosting power. For example, a living room or kitchen flooded with natural light can be hugely appealing to potential home buyers. Likewise, now that remote working is commonplace, a home office filled with daylight from above can help a buyer imagine happily working in the space.

Even if you intend to live there for a long while, adding roof windows will add value to your home and help secure you a great price if you come to sell in the future. And of course, you get to enjoy all that lovely daylight too!

Roof windows are a powerful choice because they add more daylight, which transforms the look and feel of the home throughout the day.


VELUX Editorial team


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