Everything you need to know to build your new home and transform it with daylight

New build with three VELUX roof windows
Whether you've already committed to a new self-build or you're wondering where to begin, building your own home is exhilarating... but also terrifying. Creating a self-built house puts great demands on you and your planning skills. Get off to a good start with our expert advice for building your own home and filling it with daylight!

How to build your own house

Building your own home has many benefits. You get to design a home that meets your every need and desire. It's also a lot of hard work; there are many things to consider before you start. Luckily, we've got your back!

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Key takeaways
  • Start with working out your budget. Figure out how you'll fund the build and start estimating the costs.
  • Get in touch with local planning authorities early in the process to find out if your project and the plot are viable.
  • The more decisions you make in the design stage, the better, and that includes decisions about windows and daylight. Customising the daylight in your home will ensure better energy efficiency, indoor climate, and health.

Where to start your self-build project – dos and don'ts

Getting off to a good start with your self-build house project will make the entire process much more enjoyable. Let us help you with a list of dos and don'ts when building your own home.

Make a budget

Do: Work out a budget in the early stages. Building your own house is a big financial commitment. Therefore, working out a budget is one of the first things you should do. Figure out how you'll fund the build and start estimating the costs.

Don't: Blow the budget! Be realistic when marrying your vision and expectations for your build with the realities of your budget. A lot can go wrong, so don't forget about a contingency fund.

Find your plot

Do: Be patient, creative, and open-minded. Finding a plot can be tricky. Let friends, family and colleagues know that you are searching and make use of all media possible.

Don't: Fall in love before you've done your homework. Beware of pitfalls when choosing your plot and remember to look into available services such as gas, electricity, and broadband, as well as soil surveys.

“Voordat je daadwerkelijk in zee gaat met een architect kun je hem of haar eerst je plannen voorleggen. Je komt er dan al snel achter of deze ook op de tekentafel uitvoerbaar zijn en je je woning zo kunt laten bouwen.“

Get planning permissions

Do: Get in touch with local authorities early in the process. Before you build your dream house, you need to find out if your project and the plot are viable.

Don't: Make assumptions. Never purchase a plot without planning permission in place.

Have a well-planned design

Do: Make as many decisions as possible before you start the build. The design stage is critical! It includes layout and architecture, as well as choosing your doors, windows and other fixtures.

Don't: Save big decisions for last. The more things you’ve put into place at the design stage, the more likely you'll stay within the timetable and budget.

Gather your dream team

Do: Spend time building your self-build team. If you're like most of us, you will need help to complete the self-build. Check online reviews, get recommendations from friends, and do interviews to find contractors you trust.

Don't... just consider the quoted time! A self-build is a lengthy process. You want to gather a team that makes you feel confident.

And finally, what we've all been waiting for: it's go time!

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