5 activities to stay active while working from home

October 18, 2021 / By Editorial Team

While working from home brings many benefits such as saving time and money on commuting, it also has the disadvantage of decreasing our physical activity. You might be missing out on that cycle to and from work, that journey to another floor to attend a meeting or that walk to the coffee shop during your break. We’ve come up with 5 activities for those working from home to help keep you moving during your work day.  

1. End and start your day with stress reducing activities 

Yoga only requires a mat and a quiet atmosphere and has been found to have multiple physical and mental benefits. It can also be adapted for all experience and fitness levels. Try a session before work to prepare you for the working day or after you’ve finished to help you unwind from work and quieten your mind. You can join a class online or find many free videos and resources.  

2. Go for walks during conference calls 

Walking improves your blood flow and helps your mind process information so instead of sitting at your computer for an hour-long conference call, why not plug in those earpieces and get moving?   

3. Go out for lunch 

One of the conveniences of working from home is being near our kitchens at lunchtime. However, you may find it enjoyable to venture out on occasion and explore your local area for cafes, restaurants and food trucks. Alternatively, you could prepare your lunch at home and take it to your nearest green space for some fresh air and a change of scene. Lunch may also be a good time to catch up with friends, family or colleagues living in your area, as working from home can increase our solitude. Why not explore your area and enjoy your lunch together?   

4. Invest in exercise equipment 

If you enjoy fitness there is plenty of home equipment on the market so you can turn your home into a gym as well as a workspace! Having the equipment at hand will mean you can fit a workout in before or after work, or maybe even during a break. There are plenty of options of all sizes and price ranges such as cross-trainers, exercise bikes, resistance bands, push up bars and dumbbells.  

There are a multitude of exercise videos online including many different styles such as HIIT, Zumba, boxing, strength training or Pilates. Remember to get into a routine – get up at the same time every working morning for your workout and get dressed afterwards as if you were going to the office. 

5. Plan breaks

Don’t forget to create a break schedule. Breaks are essential for us to clear our mind and reset and we need to stand up and stretch every 20 to 30 minutes to prevent aches and pains and keep our circulation flowing.   

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