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Kids room ideas - Maximising your space

Maximising your space

A loft bed is a great way to create extra space in a teenager’s room. With three large roof windows to light this room, the space is open, comfortable and always full of fresh air. One window is placed high up to ensure that daylight reaches the far wall and corners – and it is a VELUX INTEGRA® roof window that can be opened and closed with our innovative control pad.

Kids room ideas
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Kids room ideas - More daylight than ever

More daylight than ever

Because of their angle and position in the sloped roof, VELUX roof windows provide more light than traditional roof dormer windows. To adjust the amount of incoming light, pleated blinds are perfect as they can be positioned anywhere in the window while still preserving your view.

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Kids room ideas - A simple solution

A simple solution

A single VELUX roof window is all it takes to bring plenty of light to this upper storey child's room. The convenient top operation of our standard roof window makes it easy to open the window even when furniture is directly below. The maintenance-free window requires no cleaning or repainting - but may be wiped with a soft damp cloth.
Children room ideas and inspiration
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Kids room ideas - Brighter child's room for play

Brighter child's room for play

An impressive combination of a maintenance-free top-operated roof window with a vertical window element below creates a bright child's bedroom. With plenty of daylight and ventilation, it is now the perfect room for sleep, homework, play and all other acitivties in a child's day.

Kids room
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Kids room inspiration - Make the most of your space

Make the most of your space

A child's room is a hive of activity. Not only is it a place for sleeping, it is also a gathering point for playmates to have fun. The convenient top-operated roof window provides the right amount of natural light and fresh air for such a playroom. The awning blind is installed on the outside and provides heat protection.