How to achieve a successful installation

Correct installation is essential for the success of your project.

Therefore, we have made every effort to help you by creating easy-to-use installation guides. Download the PDF for your VELUX product. 

VELUX flashings

Single installation 
Tiles up to 45mm EDZ  Plain tiles up to 15mm EDP  For slate up to 8mm thick EDL 
Tiles up to 120mm in profile EDW    Recessed in slate up to 8mm thick EDN 
Recessed in tiles up to 90mm in profile EDJ     

Coupled installation - Side by side with 100mm frame gaps
For tiles with a max. profiles of 120mm EKW  For plain tiles up to 14mm thick EKP  For slate up to 8mm thick EKL 
Recessed into tiles up to 120mm EKJ
  Recessed into slate up to 8mm thick EKN 

Twin installation - Side by Side with 18mm frame gaps
Profiled tiles EBW  Plain tiles up to 14mm thick EBP  Slate up to 8mm thick EBL 

Duo installation - Above/below with 100mm frame gap
For tiles up to 120mm in profile EKW + EDW  For slate up to 8mm thick EKL + EDL

For tiles up to 120mm in profile EW  For slate up to 8mm thick EL 


Smoke ventilation system

Smoke ventilation system 
Centre-pivot GGL/GGU 

Flat roof smoke ventilation 

Control system for smoke ventilation 

Wind deflector 


VELUX blinds

Manual DKL  Solar DSL  Electric DML 


Duo blackout 
Manual DFD 




Manual RFL  Solar RSL 

Electric RML 


Flying pleated 
Manual FHL  Electric FML 


Manual FHC 


Manual PAL  Electric PML 


Manual MHL  Electric MML  Solar MSL 


Roller shutters 
Manual SHL  Electric SML  Solar SSL