Roller Shutter - High Level Configuration (KLI 313)

High level configuration should only be carried out if the product, isn’t stopping to its chosen position.

Step 1

Remove the end cover cap.

Left-hand side when viewed from the outside.

Step 2

Set switch to position I (on).

Step 3

Press button P briefly.

Registration must happen within 10 minutes.

Step 4

Press PAIR button on the wall switch for 1 second.

Step 5

 Press the STOP key and then the DOWN key within 3 seconds.

Step 6

Replace plastic cover

The motor must be adjusted to the size of the window before full operation of the roller shutter begins. The adjustment will take place automatically the first time the roller shutter is operated. Before the roller shutter runs to the preferred position, it runs all the way up and down.

Do not interrupt the adjustment!

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