Make your space
stand out

Get extra space and extra daylight in only one day

A VELUX Mini Dormer takes about the same amount of time to install as a regular roof window solution, but adds more space and flexibility to your attic. It comes as a complete kit with all necessary parts, insulation and flashings.

Benefits of the VELUX Mini Dormer

Make a big impact in your spaces

A VELUX Mini Dormer solution is an easy way to increase the useable area under your attic, creating a big impact with a boost of natural light and space. This additional space also gives you more possibilities when placing furniture and decorating the room.

  • Add more space and light to your rooms
  • An affordable solution that creates a big impact.
  • Available in 1, 2 or 3 roof window combinations.

Add VELUX INTEGRA® to your dormer solution for remote control operation

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