Complete smoke-ventilation system in compliance with European EN norms

Smoke ventilation


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Smoke-ventilation roof windows for sloping roofs with integrated motor are CE-marked in compliance with the European standard for smoke and heat exhaust ventilators EN 12101-2. 


  • Opens to 85° within 60 seconds  

  • Comfort ventilation possible at the touch of a button 

  • Complete control system for single or groups of windows

  • Suitable for roof pitches 15 - 90°

Product details

White painted
White polyurethane 
  • 1
    Opens to 85° within 60 seconds

    Opens to 85° within 60 seconds

    When the smoke ventilation function is activated, the window opens to 85° by means of a chain motor and the gas springs.
  • 2
    Rain sensor

    Rain sensor

    Rain sensor for automatic closure of VELUX smoke ventilation windows in case of rain when in comfort ventilation mode. Delivers together with the automated smoke-ventilation control system. 

    The rain sensor is overruled in case of fire.

  • 3
    BDX Insulation frame kit

    BDX Insulation frame kit

    Insulation frame with flexible foam for a tight and secure fit to the roof construction.
  • 4


    If you want to prolong the longevity of your VELUX roof window or simply give it a touch up, this is the place to look. 

    VELUX offers a range of products that will come in handy if you want to replace an air filter, repair a scratch, lubricate hinges, paint your window and give it a new and shiny look.


VELUX roof windows are available in various finishes, glazing and operation options. Click on the relevant section opposite for further information
  • Internal  finish
  • Exterior finish
    All VELUX roof windows come with grey aluminium exterior covers. You may also select copper, titanium zinc or coloured aluminium.
  • Glazing performace

For professionals

Are you an installer, architect or a dealer – follow the below links to find more information about installation, drawings and technical details. If you are looking more tools and information - go to the professional section to find even more such as installation videos, architect cases, CE marking, how to become a VELUX certified installer

Fully automated
system for any project

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Control system overview -
what they do and where they fit

Control system KFX 210

Complete control system
for up to 4 GGL/GGU
smoke-ventilation roof
windows or 1 CSP
flat-roof window.
Includes: KFC 210 +
KFK 100 + KFA 100

    Control unit KFC 210
  • 10 amp.
  • Controls up to 4 GGL/
    GGU smoke-ventilation
    roof windows or 1 CSP
    flat-roof window for
    smoke ventilation.
    Control unit KFC 220
  • 2 x 10 amp.
  • Controls up to 8 GGL/
    GGU smoke-ventilation
    roof windows or 2 CSP
    flat-roof windows for
    smoke ventilation.
    Break-glass point KFK 100 
  • Break-glass point
    for activating
    smoke ventilation
    Comfort switch KFK 200 
  • Wall switch
    enabling natural
    ventilation for
    daily comfort.
     Smoke detector KFA 100 
  • Smoke detector
    for early fire
     Rain sensor KLA 200
  • Closes window in
    comfort ventilation
    mode in case of rain.
  • Overruled in the event of fire.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Smoke-ventilation sloping-roof windows

  • EN12101-2 is a European product standard with the title "specification for natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators"
  • Since 1. September 2016, all natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators must be CE marked according to the European product standard EN 12101-2.
  • EN12101-10 is a European standard with the title: "Smoke and heat control systems - Power supplies"
  • All VELUX power supplies for smoke ventilation are in compliance with EN 12101-10.
  • The natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilator should be classified in regards to:
  1. Reliability: A requirement for the number of cycles the ventilator can operate safely
  2. Snow load: A requirement for the maximum snow load to ensure full function
  3. Low temperature: A requirement for the minimum room temperature to ensure function
  4. Wind load: A requirement for the maximum wind suction that the ventilator can withstand without compromising function
  5. Heat exposure: A requirement for the temperature, under which the ventilator will maintain its function during 30 minutes of heat exposure
  6. Aerodynamic free area: A requirement for efficiency of the ventilator for all wind direction
  7. The certification tests must be carried out by a certified test institute
  • Window and smoke ventilation operator must be tested and certified as one unit
  • The certification must be made by a notified certification agency
  • The natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilator must be CE marked and the certification values must be displayed at the product
  • The standard lays out requirements for natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators independent of whether they are placed in sloped or flat roofs.
  • VELUX smoke ventilation windows are CE marked and have been tested in regards to the parameters of EN 12101-2
  • All VELUX smoke ventilation products are updated in accordance with the harmonized standards EN 12101 series regarding smoke and heat control as soon as the standards come into force
  • A product for natural smoke and heat ventilation cannot be CE-marked if it has not been classified in compliance with the EN 12101-2 product standard
  • A declaration of conformity is delivered with VELUX smoke ventilation windows which includes the certification values
  • A VELUX smoke ventilation window including wind deflector should be used when there are requirements for an aerodynamic free area


  • A VELUX smoke ventilation window (excluding wind deflector), should be used when there are requirements for a geometric area of ventilation


  • A VELUX control system for simultaneous operation of up to four smoke ventilation windows or linked with more VELUX control units KFC 210/220
  • Or any control system for smoke ventilation that is applicable and approved for use with VELUX GGL/GGU smoke ventilation windows
  • VELUX smoke ventilation windows are delivered in several VELUX standard sizes enabling correct specification for a variety of applications (adapt to local offerings)
  • A choice can be made between pinewood finish and white polyurethane finish
  • The centre-pivot symmetry at a 90° opening angle makes the effectiveness more even, meaning the centre-pivot window allows for an effective smoke and heat exhaust independent of the wind direction. This means that a wind sensor is not necessary and that only one VELUX smoke ventilation window often is enough to meet the demand.
  • According to the EN 12101-2 product standard, the effectiveness of the natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilator must be measured under wind exposure from different angles
  • Yes: VELUX smoke ventilation windows have passed the requirements of the reliability test in the EN 12101-2 standard, which requires that the window can operate more than 10.000 cycles
  • For comfort ventilation, the window opens to a max. 200mm (recommended), making it compliant also to the safety standard EN 60335-2-103
  • The characteristics of the centre-pivot window in relation to comfort are favourable since the sash in a comfort-opened window protects against rain, falling leaves etc.
  • A VELUX control system (KFX 210) can be used to operate up to 4 smoke ventilation windows, giving a possibility to create a smoke geometric area of 6-5 m² or an aerodynamic free area of almost 3 m²
  • More control units (KFC 210/220) can be linked to operate up to 80 VELUX smoke ventilation windows, if required
  • An integrated battery back-up on the control system means that the system will still respond for 72 hours in the event of power failure
  • The VELUX smoke ventilation window is installed in roofs with pitches between 15-90°. For roof pitches between 60-90° special requirements may apply. Please check your local requirements.
  • For a quick and easy installation, the compact smoke ventilation operator has been pre-mounted on the sash of the roof window, making it invisible when the window is closed
  • Two discrete gas springs are easily mounted on the window to enable a stable and fast opening
  • A wind deflector is installed depending on the application
  • In case of defect, the VELUX smoke ventilation operators can be replaced
  • Yes: The VELUX smoke ventilation system can be controlled by an external alarm system
  • A module for connection to external alarm systems is included in the control units KFC 210/220
  • We can offer a functional inspection which is as below:

     A service offered to support the sale of VELUX smoke ventilation products and the VELUX package

     A service expected to be available by purchasers of VELUX smoke ventilation products

     A service which ensures that VELUX smoke ventilation products are fit for purpose

     A service which ensures the correct function of VELUX smoke ventilation products in life threatening situations

     Please note that we do not test the 240v mains supply and we require the original electrician to be on site when the inspection is carried out

     This is not to be confused with commissioning a smoke vent which is generally used to obtain insurance for a property

     If you require a system to be commissioned then you would need to contact a fire alarm installer or a fire safety officer

  • The VELUX smoke ventilation system is a very flexible and cost efficient solution suited for a variety of applications, ranging from staircases in apartment buildings to large commercial buildings
  • VELUX smoke ventilation solutions are effective in all roof window applications, providing great flexibility in positioning the window on the roof
  • Information on the performance must be indicated on the products itself and on the accompanying CE declaration or certificate for the compliance
  • The CE marking ensures that the performance can easily be compared
  • Compliance with EN 12101-2 can be obtained only when the products are labelled with a reference to the standard, and the version of the standard used for certification is written on the product
  • Wind deflectors should be used when legal requirements for smoke ventilation address the aerodynamic free area. This may depend on the application and the logical legislation
  • A VELUX smoke ventilation window excluding wind deflector is used when legal requirements for smoke ventilation address only the geometric area
  • The smoke ventilation windows can be installed in roofs with pitches between 15 and 90°
  • In flat roofs 0-15°, the windows are installed using a VELUX ECX flat roof curb or a VELUX CSP flat roof smoke ventilation window is used 

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