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Imagine your roof windows automatically letting in fresh air when you need it. Your blinds automatically lowering on a hot afternoon to keep your home comfortable. When leaving, you could close all your roof windows with a single touch. This, and much more, is possible with the VELUX INTEGRA® system, which is available at prices that may surprise you.


Air out with a single touch

Get more comfort with pre-scheduled programs

Secure your home when you're out

Get to know the VELUX INTEGRA® family

The VELUX INTEGRA® system is a portfolio of mains- and solar-powered roof windows, blinds, shutters and accessories that make owning a VELUX window easier and more convenient. All products are easy to use and enjoy thanks to the elegant VELUX INTEGRA® control pad and its intuitive, icon-based interface and pre-defined programmes.

All of the products are based on secure io-homecontrol® technology

8 Pre-defined programs

  • Indoor climate
  • Ventilation
  • Energy balance
  • Sun screening
  • Good night
  • Good morning
  • Leaving home
  • On vacation

Setting up the control pad is easier than you think

Watch the video to see how it works

VELUX INTEGRA is based on

What is io-homecontrol®?

io-homecontrol® is the language that VELUX INTEGRA® products use to talk to the remote control. Designed with comfort and security in mind, it’s one of the most advanced home automation solutions on the market today – backed by some of the best and brightest companies in the industry.

Is io-homecontrol®secure?

io-homecontrol® uses radio communication to transmit a command or information securely - creating a digital seal around your home. To use a real world example, the security level is comparable to the communication channels between an ATM and a bank.

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