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Roller shutters

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Total protection from the elements

Recommended for room type:
  • Heat protection
  • Total blackout
  • Insulation and noise reduction

Perfect for any climate or time of year, the VELUX roller shutter prevents your room from getting too hot in the summer, keeps it warm in the winter, and enables you to completely block out all light from the room at any time of the day.


Available in dark grey aluminium as standard. VELUX roller shutters run in side rails made of lacquered aluminium. They also come with a top cover that is beautifully integrated into the window and hides the shutter when not in use.

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Which shutter operation should I choose?

To choose the right operation of your VELUX roller shutter , you should consider where your roof windows is placed and how often you expect to adjust the position of the roller shutter. Solar and electrically powered roller shutters are both remote controlled and are the ideal choice for those with out-of-reach VELUX roof windows, or those who wish to add that added touch of innovative luxury to their room.

Remote controlled and electrically powered

Remote controlled and electrically powered roller shutters are operated with the pre-paired wall switch supplied with your VELUX INTEGRA® roller shutter. An intuitive solution that lets you easily control your blinds remotely. Multiple roller shutters can be programmed into one wall switch for simultaneous operation. 

If necessary, the blind can also be raised and lowered manually with the control bar at the bottom of the blind.  

What if I don't have an electrically powered VELUX INTEGRA® roof window?  

If you don't have an electrically powered VELUX INTEGRA® roof window, but would like an electric powered blind, try the control system KUX 100. This will allow you to use the  electrically powered VELUX blinds or shutters in manually operated roof windows. 

Remote controlled and solar powered

Remote controlled and solar powered roller shutters are operated with the remote control supplied with the blind. If you have a solar powered INTEGRA® roof window, you can also use the intelligent touch-screen VELUX INTEGRA® control pad originally supplied with your VELUX INTEGRA® roof window.  
The VELUX INTEGRA® control pad offers an array of pre-set programs for everyday comfort and an improved indoor climate. You can control the blind from anywhere in your room and enjoy all the features of the pre-set programs such as the possibility to program the blinds to raise and lower at specific hours.


Our roller shutters are built to last. They are made of hard-wearing lacquered aluminium and are rigorously tested in the most extreme conditions to ensure years of smooth operation – no matter what nature throws at them. VELUX roller shutters run in side rails made of lacquered aluminium. With their sleek top casing they form an integrated part of your roof, regardless of roofing materials.


All VELUX products are made to exacting standards from the highest quality materials and have been designed for many years of trouble-free use. All VELUX blinds and shutters are backed by a 3-year guarantee. The VELUX guarantee does not in any way affect your statutory rights.

Award winning design

The sleek design of the VELUX roller shutter has been awarded a number of international design awards such as the Red Dot Design Award and the iF PRODUCT DESIGN AWARD.

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Beautiful blinds and shutters for your home

Add the perfect finishing touch to your VELUX roof windows with VELUX blinds and shutters. We commissioned leading Parisian agency, Trend Union, to create an eclectic mix of colours and fabrics. The result is a stunning collection that complements every interior beautifully.

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Installation instructions


The PDFs are detailed, illustrative instructions that carefully takes you trough every single step in the installation process. To be able to read a PDF file you need to have Acrobat Reader on your computer. The tool is free and can be downloaded from Adobe for free.

VELUX roller shutter - manually operated
VELUX roller shutter - with remote control and electrically powered
VELUX roller shutter - with remote control and solar powered

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