VELUX pleated blinds
- flexible positioning
and privacy

VELUX energy blinds
- blackout effect and
flexible positioning

VELUX blinds for the home office

Your home’s extra room caters to many needs. It might be a home office that doubles as a guest room, or maybe you use it as a workshop or a yoga studio. But whatever its function, blinds are an important part of creating the perfect setting. They ensure this dynamic space lives up to its potential by enabling you to soften incoming daylight as well as ensure darkness and privacy at night.

Keep the temperatures comfortable during summer through optimal heat protection from the outside of the window with a VELUX awning blind. 

Pleated blinds

  • Softly diffuses daylight
  • Flexible, step-less positioning
  • 33 different colours and designs

If you simply need to soften incoming daylight and create a cosy, pleasant atmosphere, we recommend our pleated blinds. They also offer privacy and can be positioned anywhere in the window to reduce glare and enhance comfort. Pleated blinds come in a wide range of colours.

Duo blackout blinds

  • 2 blinds in 1
  • Total blackout anytime
  • Softly diffuses incoming daylight

Our duo blackout blind is a blackout blind and a pleated blind in one. It’s the perfect solution for 24-hour comfort: complete darkness anytime and softly diffused natural light and decoration all day long. This 2-in-1 blind is available in four different blackout blind colours in combination with a white pleated blind.

Blackout energy blinds

  • Blackout effect
  • Improved insulation
  • Flexible, step-less positioning

If you use your home office as a guest room, you need flexible light control and blackout. By day, VELUX energy blinds can be positioned anywhere in your window to block the sun just where you need it – without sacrificing daylight or your view. When fully drawn, energy blinds effectively darken the room to ensure your guests a good night’s sleep. They also provide extra insulation to keep your room warm on a chilly night.

Awning blinds

  • Heat protection 
  • Transparent fabric 
  • Installs from the inside

For sunny rooms, a VELUX awning blind on the outside of your roof window can help keep your room from getting too warm on a bright day. And because they are transparent, you can still enjoy plenty of daylight and a great view. You can easily combine any of our interior blinds with an awning blind, and it installs in minutes from inside your home.

Insect screens

  • 100% insect protection
  • Durable, transparent fabric 
  • Does not obstruct your view
VELUX insect screens let you keep your windows open while you enjoy a good night’s sleep – without the buzz of unwanted visitors. They are simple to operate, and they fit any VELUX roof window.