Solutions for sustainable living

Our roof windows can create a better and healthier indoor space for generations to come. They are built to last and made from certified wood. For the last 80 years, since our inception, we have always looked to improve our roof windows and make products useful for society. But we can do even better.

That is why we have set ourselves some ambitious goals. By 2041, we will become Lifetime Carbon Neutral while enhancing the sustainability of our products. We will add new features and upgrade the materials used to make our roof windows smarter and minimise their carbon footprint. So, in 2030, a VELUX roof window will contain 50% less CO2 and its packaging will be plastic free and made of 100% recyclable and single material.

Why? Because, It’s our Nature.

WWF and The VELUX Group


Built to Last

Together with WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), we are capturing our historical C02 emissions through forest conservation.  We will also reduce our future carbon emissions from our entire value chain in line with the Paris Agreement’s 1.5˚C reduction target.

We call this Lifetime Carbon Neutral.


Forest projects with WWF on restoring and conserving forests to capture carbon
 We commit to reduce our future emissions to meet the Paris Agreement 1.5°C path
WWF and The VELUX Group