Centre-pivot or top-hung?

Roof windows with top control bar

The top control bar makes it convenient for you to open and close the window even with furniture placed underneath. Available in pine or a white polyurethane finish and in a number of sizes and glazing options.

Roof windows with handle at the bottom

The bottom handle allows you to open the window outwards and gives you an unobstructed view and feeling of extra space. The perfect choice for windows in easy reach.

Concerned about rain noise?

Reduce the rain noise by 50%

We all dream of a nice and peaceful sleep, and through research and innovative design our team of acoustic specialists has developed an innovative roof window. With this window the sound of rain noise is reduced by 50% compared to a standard VELUX roof window.

Balcony or roof terrace?

Step outside and enjoy the view

Open up your loft space and let in even more daylight and fresh air with the CABRIO® Balcony or the Roof Terrace. These stunning solutions offer access to the outside in a style of its own.

One or more roof windows?

Get more light with more roof windows

Combining multiple windows dramatically changes a room and you extend the possibilities of daylight, fresh air and a fantastic view. The result is a bright, airy room with a spacious feel.

Use less energy

Our roof windows deliver outstanding energy efficiency

Thanks to their slim frames, large pane area and VELUX ThermoTechnology™ , our roof windows bring more daylight and warmth into your home than ever before. We are using high performance materials in the window construction that improves the insulation and air tightness.

You can improve your energy balance even more by selecting one of our low energy glazings/panes which are available for all types of our roof windows. You will have the option to select such a pane when configuring your own VELUX Roof WIndow.