NOTE! Due to a global shortage of semiconductors, VELUX INTEGRA® solar and electric blinds and VELUX INTEGRA® solar and electric anti-heat blinds will not be available to order from 18th June and 12th July, respectively. All VELUX INTEGRA® solar and electric shutter products will be available on a limited basis, please continue to utilise normal customer services channels to benefit from the latest delivery information. We expect overall disruption to continue into the remainder of 2021. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

We love the summer. But sometimes it can get too hot indoors. 


External solutions for better indoor climate control

We all long for warm and sunny weather, but excessive heat can make us uncomfortable and leave us wishing for cooler days and nights. Exterior heat protection blinds and shutters help keep our indoor climate cool and comfortable by blocking the heat before it hits the window.

We offer three different heat protection systems which can be installed externally on your VELUX roof window: anti-heat blinds, anti-heat blackout blinds and anti-heat blackout shutters. Three different solutions—each with different benefits.  

There is always a heat protection product that fits your needs, which can be easily installed with professional help.

Our three solutions for heat protection

No matter which solution you choose to regulate the temperature in your home, you will achieve optimal results when using exterior blinds and shutters. When you block the heat from coming through the roof window, the protective benefits can be felt from the moment the product is installed.  

Control your indoor climate from anywhere

The new VELUX App Control gives you full control of your roof windows, anti-heat blinds, and shutters. 

Imagine you are out of the house on a really hot day. Simply use your smartphone to open your roof windows for a breath of fresh air or close your exterior heat protection products to ensure shade. Return to find your home at a comfortable temperature.