An old villa with potential

The old master mason's villa from the 50's is located on a cosy cul-de-sac in Virum and charmed owners Annemarie and Jacob immediately. The location in a quiet neighbourhood, the garden full of old apple trees - a great place to settle down with daughter Kaja. But the one-and-a-half-storey home lacked square metres for the growing family. So Jacob and Annemarie turned their eyes upwards towards the house's unused loft.

"I have to admit I found it really difficult to picture what this first floor would be like," Annemarie remembers. "It was just a dark loft with beams criss-crossing it, and I thought – you can't possibly have three rooms and a bathroom up here." Annemarie and Jacob started drawing with assistance from a construction company with a good knowledge of VELUX roof windows.

"We looked at putting in dormers and regular roof windows, but then we came across the new VELUX dormer roof windows," says Jacob. "The windows play a huge role in a conversion like this – they are what makes it possible to open up the space. While regular roof windows provide adequate room, the VELUX dormer roof windows extend the space and make it a really wonderful place to spend time in. The light comes in both from the front and from above, and you feel like the ceilings are high, even if that is not actually the case."


New first floor with a wow effect

Today, Jacob and Annemarie have made optimal use of their 57 square metres of attic space, putting in three rooms and a bathroom - exactly as they wanted. The bathroom features VELUX dormer roof windows, as does the cosy nook between the rooms, which can easily be turned into an extra children's room. Kaja's room and the master bedroom have classic VELUX roof windows.

"It is overwhelming when you come up the stairs to be bathed in light from every angle. The daylight fills the room, like being surrounded by a bubble of light. During the construction process, we lived in the basement for a long time, and that drives you a little crazy – so it was quite a contrast to move up here. Now we wake to lots of daylight, which is a really great way to start the day," says Jacob.

Hyggekrogen har fået et fantastisk lysindfald
The VELUX solution creates a wonderful feeling of space
Windows that surprise

Jacob and Annemarie put a lot of effort into planning their conversion. Even so, they were surprised by the end result.

"We always had it in the back of our minds that there are only 57 square metres up here for three rooms and a bedroom, so we were a little nervous that it would feel cramped in the end," says Jacob. "But that doubt evaporated when the roof and VELUX dormer roof windows were fitted. Now it feels bigger, more open and with higher ceilings than we could ever have imagined."

"We have the birds singing, sunlight and blue sky, and a new appreciation for the weather. It's so lovely when the rain patters against the windows!"

The family on the benefits of VELUX roof windows

1. Ample room in a small space
”The classic VELUX roof windows create more space under the ceiling, but the VELUX dormer roof windows go one step further and make a huge difference. With them, the room goes from being almost too small to being a fantastic space that you can use in any way you like.”

2. Fresh air and free heating
"It's nice when we have the windows open and the fresh air flows in along with the birdsong from the garden. At the same time, we have had natural warmth up here throughout the winter and during the spring. The next step will be to have automatic awnings on all windows to take the edge off on the hottest days of summer but without shutting out the light."

3. Good advice and experts on the side-lines

"Working with the VELUX products, which our contractor also had a good knowledge of, was a really good experience – and the process of actually installing the windows was both interesting and simple."

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