Marcus, his wife Louise and 1 year old daughter purchased a 1960s house which hadn’t been renovated in decades and transformed it with higher ceilings and more daylight into a great place to live but also work.

With low ceilings and a dark kitchen, the couple directed their design backgrounds towards their home and began to re-imagine the space becoming their favourite place with high ceilings, more daylight and the perfect home office.

“The first thing we did was look at the ceiling and think ‘how could we change that?’ Back then they probably didn't consider the amount of light and the ceiling height,” said Marcus.

The hub of the home

Marcus, an educated industrial designer, and Louise, a fashion and shoe designer, saw the potential in building a communal space that could be the hub of their home. Since the original kitchen was small and placed on the opposite side of the house, they re-worked the floor plan to combine the kitchen, living room and even added a home office.

“We definitely wanted to have this huge room that would contain how we were living and this kitchen was naturally at the center of that,” said Marcus.


With the floor plan set, increasing the ceiling height and adding natural light was at the top of the couple’s renovation list for many reasons including a little energy boost.

“It’s so much about energy. It's pretty scientifically proven that people need light,” said Marcus.

The couple also wanted to deepen their connection to the surrounding nature since it was a key reason for moving away from the city.

“I think the feeling like you are actually outside, that's what we definitely like in our everyday life and while we're sitting so much inside - having that opportunity to get light inside is so important,” Marcus elaborated.

Creating that wow feeling

With the renovation now complete, the couple couldn’t be more happy with seeing their dreams become a liveable reality. The ceiling is opened up and daylight pours in.

“We could imagine, but seeing it in real life made a huge difference in terms of how you felt in the room,” explained Marcus.

Today, anyone visiting Marcus and his family are met with a completely transformed space that generates a new feeling that the family enjoys sharing. 

“We are really proud of coming in through the opening of the hallway and into the room - it just gives this wow feeling. The room has a completely different vibe,” Marcus said with a smile. 

Following the light

The rooms are touched with daylight as the sun moves across the south facing house throughout the day and with daylight at the center of the transformation of their home, the family’s daily routines have become more connected to these natural rhythms.

“In the morning we have a bit of light in our office and then in the afternoon, we actually have a lot of light in the east facing area of our kitchen and that's when you want to use it,” explained Marcus.

This connection to nature doesn’t go unnoticed by the family, who specifically included wooden roof beams in their renovation plans to create a playful and non-uniform surface for the natural light to interact with.

“You can say that it kind of follows how we move in the house during the day which is kind of a nice and somewhat poetic thing,” said Marcus.

Working from home

It isn’t all play though, as the couple included an open home office in their renovation plans. As designers, Marcus and Louise are often working on private projects which means they were spending a lot of time working from home, but they never really had the space for it.

“Getting the house and actually having the opportunity to plan out a separate area for the office, just made sense,” said Marcus.

The couple’s renovation plans included their dream home office nook with a custom-built area to fit Louise’s father’s beautiful vintage cabinet, an elevated ceiling and a VELUX INTEGRA electric roof window to naturally illuminate the space from above.

“The amount of light that we get into the office every day, it's just amazing,” said Marcus.

The new bright working area creates a cosy and efficient atmosphere but more importantly, a level of comfort which has contributed to Marcus’ inspiration.

“It definitely adds to our creativity. I think if you generally don’t feel comfortable in the area or the room you're in, you automatically won't perform as good as you would in a nice environment,” said Marcus.

“On an everyday basis, sitting behind the screen all day, the daylight that we get from the windows and the energy and the level of happiness just increases exponentially,” said Marcus.

And as a young family, including the new home office in their renovation means they can be more flexible in how they balance their work and family life.

“We definitely liked the idea of having it so close to where we would actually spend our everyday life, so we can switch back and forth between the two functions,” said Marcus.

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