Product warning - smoke ventilation

VELUX Group has issued a warning to customers regarding a
defect in our smoke ventilators involving a lock ring that can detach.

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The products concerned were sold between 1 March 2015 and 10 January 2016.

The nature of this defect is that in situations where there is significant snow load on the window, the lock ring may detach itself during opening and consequently the window does not open. If there is no snow load or only moderate snow load, the window will open even with a defective lock ring.

The top sash of your smoke ventilation window has a data plate. It is visible when you open the window using the control bar. If your smoke ventilation has this defect, you will see the following information in the top left part of the data plate:
VELUX Group will arrange for the repair of this defect.

Please contact us immediately by phone on 01592 778225 or by e-mail at , if you have purchased a Smoke Ventilator with one of the above serial numbers.