Smoke and heat ventilation windows

Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators are typically used in common access areas such as stairwells and annex connections as well as in industrial buildings and offices. The smoke ventilation window is activated either automatically by a smoke sensor or manually with a break glass point. Natural ventilation for daily comfort is activated with the integrated switch in the control system or via an auxilliary wall switch.

Excellent energy efficiency  

The new high-performance insulation system uses a core of thermally modified timber in combination with a special gasket for a better airtight seal that minimises heat loss and energy consumption. The VELUX smoke ventilation window is also available with triple-glazing for maximum insulation (Only in selected markets. Valid from 1/1/2015).

Same design as other VELUX roof windows 

The external design of VELUX smoke ventilation windows matches that of standard VELUX roof windows ensuring a harmonious appearance when installed in the same roof (when wind deflectors are not required).

Tested and certified 

VELUX smoke ventilation systems are tested and certified according to EN ISO 12101-2 for roof pitches 15°-90°. Available without wind deflectors where a geometric opening area is required, and with wind deflectors where an aerodynamic area is required. For more information see Declaration of conformity.

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