GGU 008230 is Passive House-certified for Cold Climate regions

We are introducing GGU 008230, which is ideal for situations where Passive House-certified building components are required. This is the first and only roof window on the market certified for Passive House building constructions in cold climate regions* as shown in the geographical map below.

This roof window consists of a triple outer-glazing plus an additional inner double-glazing. The roof window itself has a Uw 0,51 W/(m2K) (EN ISO 12567-2), which is the best on the market.

The roof window is powered by the sun. For increased comfort, solar-powered shutters or awning blinds can be added. Our unique touch-screen control pad lets you operate the complete solution in a convenient and intuitive way. 

*requires flush installation with either EDJ 2000 or EDN 2000 flashings.

Product features:

  • Passive House-certified for cold climate regions*
  • The roof window itself has a Uw 0,51 W/(m2K) (EN ISO 12567-2), which is the best on the market
  • The solar-powered window comes complete with a VELUX control pad
  • The unique touchscreen control pad offers comfort at the touch of a button
  • Prepared for easy fitting of VELUX blinds, shutters and accessories
  • The inner double-glazing opens for easy cleaning
  • High-quality polyurethane finish with a core of wood
  • Maintenance-free
Size  MK04 MK06 MK08 SK06
Price € ex vat  1188.00  1234.00 1276.00 1542.00

Energy balance

In the VELUX organization we believe in sustainable living. Utilizing the power from the sun to open and close the roof window is one way. Another is letting the warmth from the sun in and keeping it there, making the roof window an energy contributor.